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Ryan Privee- The Fake Psychic, Caught Slandering!

Ryan Privee- The Fake Psychic, Caught Slandering!

It's a terrible thing when someone commits a crime but even worse when they are out to ruin your reputation for no reason..

Ryan Privee, aka Ryan Ayers, is one of those people. He has been caught Slandering Paranologies, the owner and sister companies. 

First let's define Slander-


the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person's reputation.

Here is Ryan outright committing a crime publicly by telling people to leave a "nice" review. 



Two people decided to leave us a "bad" review on our sister...

What is Really Going on at Chad Kalek Events?? find out here-

What is Really Going on at Chad Kalek Events?? find out here-

This blog isnt about Paranologies but does involve it and someone that was in the spotlight a long time ago. Most of you may not know that I also own a hotel in Jefferson Texas with my wife. We do Paranologies as a hobby that we love as well still but the hotel kind of got dropped in our hands a year ago and we took it over pretty quickly and successfully I might add. Well with that being said we, being lovers of the paranormal, do Paranormal events out of the hotel about 4 to 5 times a year. All...

The Gettysburg Ghost Exchange- "Exchanges" their Policies to better them

Now from the start of this blog I want to say that Paranologies and myself (Jeromy Jones) has had nothing but the best relationship with the Gettysburg Ghost Exchange. Its not until a couple of days ago that I got a private message from Steven Barry (The owners husband) stating he was needing a refund for an order. I replied with im sorry as you know we don't and have never offered refunds for any reason but I can get it built soon or give you a credit.

He replied with that is not our store policy...

Hobby come true

My journey started well over 10 years ago building paranormal equipment for my team I founded, Texas Paranormal Investigations TPI.

I studied to be an electrical engineer right out of high school and merged my passion for understanding life after death and electronics. After getting my engineering degree I immediately got a job as an engineer. I worked as an engineer for over 10 years while also doing paranormal investigations. During my years of being a paranormal investigator, I was able to build one of a kind equipment based off problems I was experiencing during an investigation. For example, the...

New larger location!

New larger location!

We have moved to a larger location and will be adding more employees soon to keep up with the unexpected success of Paranologies. I (Jeromy Jones) started Paranologies as a hobby while I was entering my college years to become an engineer. I've always been interested in things I can't explain and the Paranormal was certainly in that category. After I graduated from college with a Bachelor's in Science in Electrical Engineering, I decided to put my engineering skills to work and blend my passion with my skills. I started off building one of a kind equipment and putting it...