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This blog isnt about Paranologies but does involve it and someone that was in the spotlight a long time ago. Most of you may not know that I also own a hotel in Jefferson Texas with my wife. We do Paranologies as a hobby that we love as well still but the hotel kind of got dropped in our hands a year ago and we took it over pretty quickly and successfully I might add. Well with that being said we, being lovers of the paranormal, do Paranormal events out of the hotel about 4 to 5 times a year. All of those events have been a success with the exception of the one I am telling you about here. Now don't get me wrong, the event itself was a success, but the inside and after details were a disaster. And I am not proud of how this whole thing unfolded but it needed to be said. 

About 6 months prior to this Chad Calek event.... oh wait, do you know who Chad Calek is? Because honestly when I was first approached I had to google him and I remembered some documentary he did a long time ago and thats about it. It wasn't until he came to the hotel that he reminded me he was on the Paranormal State show. So he's that guy. Well he apparently has a small following that go to a lot of his events and we were told that if we hosted this event it would be sold out within the first hour or something along those lines, maybe it was past events were sold out in the first hour, but anyway, however it was presented it sounded like it would be no problem for us to sell out our rooms.

For the hotel events we make our money like this. Basically the group or personality that comes out sells there own tickets and they get all the ticket sales. Then the guests that buy the tickets call and book a room with us. So we make the money by them renting the rooms. Now this event was on October 1st, which in October we sell out fast. Well the event came closer and closer and there was about half the rooms left so we were going to lose a lot of money. We told Chad to step it up on the advertising or we would have to open to the public. He apparently did, but we still did not sell out our rooms. And even though we needed the money we opted to not ruin the investigation by opening up to the public and the investigation went on. There were about 8 rooms left sitting empty when they showed up for the event. An event at which Chad stated he sold about 30 tickets. Even with 30 tickets on the low side, he easily made about $6000.00 according to my math. Heres how this whole thing unfolded-

It was a two day event and there was quite a bit of activity, especially the second night, with some crazy events that happened that ultimately ended up the reason for this blog. I wont bore you with the facts, because I presented  Chad with facts and apparently they dont matter. So here is what happened the second night that started all of this. I wasn't feeling too good so I went to lay down for a while and woke up about 1:15 am to go down stairs and get a drink. Well I come back upstairs and go out to our balcony and I see this lady fall face first on the ground at another hotel right as I walk out the door. Someone else then comes out to the balcony and I said, did you see that lady just face plant. The person didn't see it but I said, man maybe someone should go check on her. Well this whole thing got relayed downstairs and someone went out to check on a girl on our front porch, which she was on the other side of the street. Anyways she got back up and everything went on, except for the inside talk that was happening I wasn't aware of. Some how that little event turned into me saying there was a huge medical emergency and it got blown out of proportion. Heres how it unfolded.

You see, there was apparently some crazy activity going on in one of our deemed haunted rooms. Room 19. Some extraordinary knocking responses were happening that I didnt know about. So extraordinary in fact that people though it was me since they didnt see me anywhere as I was napping. Well someone comes outside to the balcony (right after that lady face planted) and said... welp it wasnt him... meaning me. I said, what do you mean? This guest told me about the knocking responses and someone actually played me a video, and I even thought to myself, ok this is definitely faked, but unaware that they thought it was me. Well they eventually said they thought it was me because of the circumstances and I said, hey I dont blame you, but it wasn't me. I said, lets go check it out. We all go down to room 19 as a group and nothing was happening, which didnt look good for my case, but I knew I wasn't the one doing it so I didnt care. Well, finally we start hearing these knocking responses but they aren't the same as the video, a little more faint in fact. But it didn't matter they were happening and I witnessed them as well. It thought man, thats cool, what good evidence and that was that, I went back to bed. The next morning they left, I didnt get to say goodbye because I took Benadryl the past night, but I texted Chad and said thanks for the event it was awesome etc... He says on his podcast he thought it was weird I didnt come down to say goodbye but also knew I wasnt feeling well. I thought it was weird he didnt text me to say he was leaving or I would have come down and said bye actually. Well I text him when I woke up like I said above basically leading the way to next years event, which is NOT happening BTW due to the way Chad handles the events on his podcast the following day. Im going to post the whole thing here, its a long read, but you can see how rude he actually ended up being. Especially since we lost money on this event and catered to him, his friends, and all his guests. 

He starts his Podcast out by saying how extraordinary the hotel is with all the cool stuff etc, but couldn't get out of his head where is the money coming from...And he kept thinking that the whole time. Rude comment number one. First off, its none of your business how we became successful and secondly your'e judging us based of what you see. You don't know anything about how we got the hotel or the things in the hotel etc, so I thought oh man this is going to be bad. It continues on about Paranologies... He knew I built equipment but apparently never heard of Paranologies or any of the equipment. I didn't care but was a little surprised since I told him Ive sold thousands of pieces of equipment throughout the 10 years of having Paranologies. Again, didn't care he didn't know, but was surprised. Well in his podcast he mentioned this conversation and apparently thought because he didnt know my equipment I was butt hurt... Nope sorry because I didn't know who you were until I googled you, and even then I had to do some digging. I mentioned this in a response to his podcast and he responded that it was a passive aggressive comment. Well, he obviously doesn't know me very well, because Im definitely not passive aggressive, If theres a problem or you upset me, you will know that right away. Rude comment number two comes with a stab at my body stature. He was referring to the knocking in the attic when this comment was stated. Basically he said Jeromy is a very very small guy and insinuated that I could easily navigate my way through the attic easily because of this. Well first off im short, not small, secondly I told him in his youtube comments, should we talk about your stature, being so Large that theres no way you could even make it up the stairs of the attic. No because that would be extremely rude. You see your height you can cant control but most of the time, your weight you can, but I didnt automatically assume when I saw him, oh no hes not going to be able to participate because of this. Who thinks like this.. Apparently Chad after the fact when hes not in front of the person he likes to talk about.  Now that response was rude of me, but I didnt care after so many of these comments. I also told him about a story with Steven Spielberg I had heard and read many times, that he quickly dismissed and said oh no thats not what I heard happened, and he proceeded to tell me a story that ive never heard and never seen online. Chad also said something like he worked with Spielberg and he told me the real story, or what he thought was the real story. Well I decided to do some fact checking and the story I told is all over the internet. I couldnt find any information about Chads story anywhere.  He said he was surprised I live in the town and didnt know the story.. Well Im going off the facts that are listed on many online sites. Heres one of them to back up my story Chad, although if Spielburg told you, it must be true.. oops was that passive agressive? You will understand that reference later. Here's  The Real Steven Spielberg story.  If you're interested. 

I did some response videos on youtube showing video clips of me waking up, going outside looking at the lady that face planted etc.. which he insinuated I was lying about that as well. You will see our Youtube conversations turn aggressive quickly when he just keeps poking me with these crazy comments which will be below. Warning they are long and drawn out, but its crazy how it unfolds. Honestly all of this should have been made private via messaging or a phone call but Paradrama sells unfortunately. 

The purpose of this blog is to let other event venues and attendees know the outcome of these events after the fact, especially if god forbid something Paranormal happens. 

Heres the link to the Podcast coming straight from his mouth, and I will cut and paste the responses on Youtube after I listened to it.. Which I actually didn't have the patience to read most of the responses. Ill put Chad in Red and my responses in blue. I urge you to listen to the Podcast first if you have nothing better to do, as most of my responses on Youtube were of his podcast and didnt show up in the comments. Click on the image for the Podcast.

Our Online Youtube Conversation-

The Historic Jefferson Hotel
Couple of responses to this. Thanks Jefferson is definitely a tourist town so the conventions etc keep us busy almost every weekend luckily. It's crazy how many Parascopes I've actually sold but it's easily 10k sold in the last 10 years. They've been on all every show you can think of but with the paranormal community being so large it's easy to miss things. I've told a ton of folks in the community you were coming but they surprisingly didn't know who you were. Doing your own work really helps out with the money aspect, and we aren't rich by any means. Just a bunch of hard work and years of collecting. Not exactly how the story went. I'll.pull the footage to collaborate my side. So I came out of my room by the back door and went out to the balcony. While out in the balcony I saw a person, not a person attending, had fallen at the excelsior hotel across the street. I didn't call anyone, someone came out to the balcony while I was out there and I told someone about it and asked them to go check. Said nothing about a medical emergency in fact, just said a girl had face planted. If I wanted to, I could of course wire the hotel to scare the shit out of everyone, and no one would ever know. Being an investigator myself I would never ruin anyone's experience but listening to the videos when you showed me it sounded fake to me as well. That's why I asked if anyone was doing it in room 18 or whatever but take it how you want, it wasn't me or any trickery. Wish I knew who they guy was you were talking to, didn't hear about that weird. Yep the whole hotel is wired, I'm an engineer lol like I said I could easily fool anyone of I wanted to... Not happening. Cool thing is that we don't have to do any of those things which is why we bought the place because it has such a long haunted history. Thanks for coming out it was a great event. Next time put cameras in the attic 😂. Not pissed off at all guys, I would feel the same way with the events. I'll find some videos after the events in 19, hopefully I'll show the lady that faceplanted, she did!

This was the first initial response to his podcast, being really upset about it inside, but again didn't want to get into some online battle over it. I even put a laughing emoji to show I wasnt upset and to move on. It took me a couple days of people messaging me saying how rude it was and for me to really think about it to respond. I also posted a video after this of a tour of the attic and some other footage showing how the night unfolded on camera which is the only factual data we all actually had. Well he then starts in on his Passive aggressive comments and this is where it starts to heat up a bit. 

Hey Jeromy. Thank you for responding. I could be wrong, as it's hard to judge sentiment when it comes to reading text, but I feel a sense of passive aggressiveness in your comments. Having said that, if you have the time, I would love to have you on the podcast as a guest to discuss all of this in more detail, as long-form conversations are far more revealing when it comes to both intent and understanding. With that being said, without any proof of anything nefarious, I gave you the benefit of the doubt in the podcast. In regard to your invention (the parascope), I stated in the podcast that it's quite possible that you've sold 10,000 units, and that perhaps it was just something that had not come across my radar. So please understand that I wasn't attempting to discredit you in any way. Not only would it be a fruitless task, but in regard to your sales, you're the only one who can substantiate your claims, as you're the only who knows how many you've sold. I was just simply being honest, Jeremy. I wasn't aware of your product, nor was anyone else at the event. Furthermore, I've yet to have a listener step forward to say they either know what a parascope is, or that they own one, which was a bit surprising to me. With 10,000 units sold (which is a tremendous amount), I figured tons of people who write me to say, "You're behind the times, Chad. I have one of those". Thus far, this has not been the case. I would also have to disagree with you about the paranormal community being "large". If you are talking about fans of paranormal programming... then yes, there is a large consuming audience of paranormal programming. But there's a huge dividing line when it comes to those who enjoy watching paranormal shows versus your target audience for the parascope, which are those who actively invest time, energy and money into equipment to "ghost hunt" haunted locations. In fact, if there was more than 20,000 active paranormal investigators in the United States, I would be shocked, as that would be roughly 400 investigators per state. If California (one of the biggest states in the U.S.) had more than 300 active investigators, I would be surprised, as I know most of the teams out here... and their numbers don't even come close to 300. Now consider desolate states like Montana, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska (and more), which I can assure you that those states do not have 400 active investigators per state. And their numbers are comparable once you get into the bible-belting deep south, such as Mississippi, Arkansas, Georgia and South Carolina, as the religion-based fear level is an active deterrent to ghost hunting. With that being the case, when I heard you say 10,000 units, I didn't think, "Oh... he's lying to me". I was thinking, "That would mean that roughly 50 percent of investigators would have to have bought one of these things... how have I not heard of this?". It just gave me pause. That's all. And as I said above, without knowing the numbers, I can only take your word for it. With that being said, please feel free to post a link to your website in the comments, as my audience is very curious! In fact, there's a comment below from Paige, who is interested in checking out the "parascope" and your other gadgets as well. And for what it's worth, I urge everyone to check it out, as whenever I hear of a new paranormal gadget, I love to source the field to get their thoughts on the effectiveness of the product. In regard to the "medical emergency", as I stated, I was in Room 19 trying to figure out why the knocking had stopped. I literally knew NOTHING of this event until after you went to sleep. But what I can tell you is that Bob Ruiz is more than a friend. He's family to me that I trust with my life. At the same time, Justin Ross is a long-time friend in which I've done many investigations with, which I find him to be extremely credible. Needless to say, I trust them both immensely. They told me the same story, in which their details matched up. From your comments, I see you have a different story. What I am certain of is that Bob and Justin told me that you said they needed to come down from the attic because there was a medical emergency and that a girl "face planted". At that point, they are going to react, as our attendees are our main priority. But they both said once they got down there... there was no injury, but rather a girl who broke her shoe/slipper. My only thought could be that you are both talking about two different events, and perhaps you saw a girl "face-plant" and they spoke to a different girl who wasn't the "face-planter" LOL! Again, Jeromy. I'm not trying to make you "guilty" of anything. I'm simply trying to understand what happened. This is the first time I've spoken to you about this, as you were not around the following morning. The "mystery man" that we ran into at the end of the night was quite bizarre. It honestly appeared as though he came from the hotel, as we were on the second floor. But when we locked eyes, he looked like, "Shit... he saw me". He was very strange. He asked if we were the "ghost crew" and if we hosted the event. I said yes. He asked if you were still around. I said yes. He said, "is the door code still 2667," which I told him, "Nah, man". He then asked if you were in your bedroom (which I found very strange as well), which I said, "I don't know. I think so". He then said, "Do you know what they changed the door code to?", which I responded, "Come on, man. You know I can't tell you that." From there, he just said he would try to call you. I said, "Ok. Give them a buzz". From there, he just took off sprinting like the police were chasing him. Then a few minutes later, he's slowly swerving on the road, with his lights OFF, as though he didn't want to be seen, in which we watched him until he was gone. Again, Jeromy... it just didn't add up. When you add all of these strange events up, and you consider that you've already wired a doll's head to move, and that by your own admission, the entire hotel is "wired" and that you could "easily fool anyone you wanted to," it should come as no surprise that we would suspect that the Jefferson Hotel may in fact be haunted by not only the dead... but the living. In fact, given your skill set, I can only imagine that owning the Jefferson would cause a daily internal test of ethics, especially when you consider the financial rewards you receive if the hotel "delivers" when it comes to paranormal activity. Even with that being the case, Jeromy... as I stated in the podcast, we have absolutely ZERO proof that you faked anything, which is why I stated it would be incorrect to say that you did, or that we KNOW for a fact that anything nefarious was intentionally done. You say you did nothing to "fool" us and that there was no trickery involved in our investigation. Based on the fact that we have nothing "concrete" to dispute your stance, I can honestly say that as of right now, I accept that. But we came there to investigate. And based on our initial investigation, we saw a lot of "smoke" so to speak... but no fire. So when it comes to putting cameras in the attic and stuff like that, there's many things we would have done had we stayed one more night there. But with the location being a new location, without any past experienced to go off of, we were simply reacting to the situation as it unfolded. Keep in mind that this all went down between roughly Midnight and 4 am. By 11 am the following morning, we had left. Also, in regard to your claim that nobody in Jefferson knew me (which seemed like a passive aggressive shot at me, as I'm not sure what that has to do with anything), as much as it would have been humbling to have a few people in a tiny town of 1,900 folks actually know who I am, thankfully the attendees that came to the event knew who I was, in which I'm incredibly blessed to have a following loyal enough to fly to Dallas, TX, from as far away as Washington and California, only to drive three hours to a town they've never heard of, to investigate a hotel that many of them just learned of through my promotion of the event. Beyond that, I'm confident that my listeners and supporters would tell you that my goal is NOT to make sure everyone knows the name "Chad Calek". My goal is to make sure that as many people as possible know my film and television projects, as my one true passion in life is storytelling. For what it's worth, even with a population of 1,900, if you had asked anyone if they had ever heard of PARANORMAL STATE, AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER, A BLOOD RED SKY or SIR NOFACE, I'm confident you would have received a few "yes" responses... which is all I can ask for :) I had fun, Jeromy. In fact, I had an amazing time, which I would urge everyone to spend the weekend at the Jefferson Hotel, as it really is an amazing place, which the biggest part of the "amazement" is what you and Pam have done with the place. And our visit, in my opinion, only adds to the legend of lore of the Jefferson. In regard to all the questions I have and everything that went down... I am an investigator. That's why I came there. And when I investigate, nothing is off limits when it comes to questions - nor should it be - as again, that is why we are there. To figure out exactly what is going on to the best of our ability. I hope we can do it again at some point. In closing, If you ever want to come on the podcast, you have a standing offer. All the best. - Chad
Heres my response to that...

Ah ok, no honestly I wasn't trying to be passive aggressive. When I was trying to fill up our rooms for that weekend I was advertising all over, not just Jefferson. In fact I was targeting a paranormal audience throughout the U.S. to bring in more people because as you know we didn't make much on the event with the circumstances and having 8 or so rooms not sold. But we ultimately decided not to open to the public so we wouldn't ruin the investigation. Those that responded to the add (maybe 15-30) didn't know who you were, I wasn't making that a passive aggressive response for you not knowing my devices, but now reading back it sounds like that due to the order it was brought up sorry. As far as the paranormal community, yes I'm referring to those that watch tv, which are in the millions. I'd side on the fact that almost all your paranormal teams that exist, all exist because of Tv, specifically when Ghost Hunters started. They watch tv, see how easy it is to form a team and bam they are paranormal investigators. On top of that since they had childhood experiences, like almost all of us, they've been doing it for over 20-30 years. I'm not saying this is a bad thing at all, just saying it is a large community. As far as the Parascope I was just surprised you haven't heard of it as it literally has been on every show out there. So when you didn't know what it was I thought I'd put it into numbers for you. No big deal. I've actually sold more of my Poltercom Pico device than the Parascope. But this is over a ten year period also. Wish I knew who the guy was you were talking about, what did he look like and about what time, maybe we caught him on camera? Weird for sure but we get a lot of weirdos sometimes. Anyways no hard feelings here and like I said in the video I would think the same thing as you based off what I heard for sure. Have a good one. Podcast sounds good. Contact me and we'll set it up. Thanks


 @The Historic Jefferson Hotel  What I can tell you is that I brought every single attendee there (not including the mystery man, of course), as 100 percent of those in attendance were either fans or supporters of my films, past "AGH Presents" attendees, listeners of my IN A CROWDED ROOM podcast or friends of those who had attended past events before. So perhaps my advertising was more targeted than yours. Either way, maybe next time you can share your marketing methods with me, as when we typically host events, we count on at least 5-10 percent of ticket sales coming from the venue advertising within the local community. But by your own admittance, your marketing was unsuccessful. So why did my marketing work... but yours didn't? I guess we can chalk it up to yet another mystery of the Jefferson Hotel. But ultimately, I was fine with our total number of guests, as we typically intentionally cap our event at 30 attendees, as I prefer smaller, more intimate investigations versus larger investigations, which at 50 attendees, you really risk things becoming a bit of a circus. So given the fact that this was a "first time event" at the Jefferson for our promotion, in which the Jefferson is not exactly a "quick" place to get to (as it's hours away from both Shreveport and Dallas), and considering the fact that Covid has definitely effected the amount of people that are willing to travel, we viewed this event as a success. In regard to the rooms, a month before the event, Justin told me there were eight rooms still available, which given the circumstances mentioned above (first time event, location, covid, etc.), I was actually surprised that we were over 50 percent full at that point, as that is typically "on par" for most events that end up being sold out, as at the very least, in addition to additional "last month" sales, there's typically a handful of local community ticket sales that come from the venue's advertising. But as we discussed, for whatever the reasons may be, local ticket sales didn't pan out. Having said that, we still sold several more tickets after I received Justin's message, plus I know of three more attendees that booked rooms, in addition to my staff booking an additional room. So I'm not sure how 8 room still remained open... but again, I'll have to take your word for it. Either way, I'm certain we (my team and I) did our job, as we brought people from all over the country to attend this event, in which at the very least, on that weekend, the mass majority of them would not have been there otherwise. Again, your message feels passive aggressive, which it really doesn't have to be. For the sake of stopping this from turning into any sort of argument, which would truly bum me out, as I truly don't see a reason for things to go that direction, please note the following: • I've stated that we DO NOT have one ounce of "proof" that you were involved in any "fakery" or "hoaxing" of anything. • Given those facts, I've stated that I take your word for it when you say that you were not involved in any "fakery" whatsoever. • I hope you do not take offense to me (or anyone else) questioning whether or not you were involved in any fakery, as we came to the Jefferson Hotel as investigators. Please consider that you've not only wired a doll's head to move, but you've admitted that as an electrical engineer, if you wanted to, you could "fool everyone and they would never know," while also stating that the "entire place is wired," which you run it all off of your phone. If you were us, I can only imagine that you would question your intentions, motives and abilities. If we didn't question you, we honestly don't deserve to be calling ourselves "investigators". Please keep in mind that I also took a head count (privately) with Bob, as I had him find out where everyone was during the knocking. This doesn't mean I believe any of my attendees were faking anything. It means that I'm an investigator who is considering ALL possibilities, which I hope everyone else was doing as well. • In regard to the "face-planting" incident... it is what it is. There's no footage of anyone being hurt, so we're left with your story versus Bob and Justin's account, which is now backed up by R&R Adventures comments (below). But either way, it doesn't prove anything. It's just a bizarre incident in which motives are being questions. So from here, there's nowhere to go. But what is most important to me, is that everyone in attendance had an AMAZING time. As I stated in the podcast, this weekend-long retreat only serves to massively add to the legend and lore of the Jefferson Hotel, as we also had many additional bizarre experiences that could not be explained. In addition, what you and Pam have done with the hotel is something to behold, in which I urge everyone to visit and/or investigate the Jefferson Hotel, as I sincerely believe it's worth making the trek, whether you are into the paranormal or not. I also truly enjoyed talking with you over dinner and I sincerely appreciate the walk through, as I was entertained the entire time. And in regard to the potential "hoaxing" - by whoever may have been involved - what's also just as plausible, is that we all experienced something incredible. Even though my "spidey senses" still tell me that's not the case, I cannot discount the possibility that we received exactly what we asked for... an intelligent response. That's where the heart of the mystery lies. And if you aren't involved in hoaxing anything, then over time, the truth will also be shown through countless additional investigators who come to the Jefferson Hotel in hopes of solving the riddle of the pounding walls of Room 19. Either way, I'm fascinated, which I highly advise everyone to visit. Thanks again for allowing us to investigate the "goings on" of the Jefferson Hotel. All the best.


 I then Post a video of the attic tour after the event to show viewers the dynamics of the attic to see what we are talking about. 


Hey Jeromy. This is my first time seeing this, but if you go to 3:14 seconds, there are two wooden poles laid out perfectly above Room 19, where one could stand on the beam you are standing on and create the knocking sounds on multiple locations of the ceiling (without having to move their feet). So I think we've solved whether or not it "could" be done. But that obviously doesn't solve "who" would have hoaxed the knocking, nor does it prove that the knocks weren't "paranormal" in nature. It just shows that it's extremely possible. Thank you for sharing this. Also, in regard to the potential of a "guest" creating the knocks, the first thing I did (without anyone knowing at the time), was took a silent head count as to where all my guests were, which all were accounted for. Plus, guests that come to these events are hoping to have a legitimate paranormal experience. I just can't see any motive that a guest would have to hoax paranormal activity, especially at that level, as it would take a serious level of courage to climb in the attic like that, at a location they have never been before, knowing that if I ever caught anyone faking anything, they would be kicked out of the event immediately and banned for life from all of my events. Needless to say, I can assure you that my attendees did not do this. It was in fact paranormal... or it was faked by someone not associated with our event.
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So with the above comments he was referring to the above video I posted that had a tour of the attic, showing how it would be pretty hard to even navigate around up there and what was above room 19. His response was that someone could have been knocking sounds on the gas lines that were up there.. yeah ok. He also stated he did a head count of his guests at that time.. I pulled the footage and saw guests everywhere throughout the hotel before and after the event, so im not sure when that happened. I said something during my video to not dismiss the idea that it could have been one of his guests doing it as well, which he of coarse dismissed entirely. Well to be a good Paranormal investigator, especially when it come to debunking, you have to look at all angles Chad. Heres our response to this above comment..-
The Historic Jefferson Hotel
 @AGHChad  Like I said in the other posts, with the evidence that is shown nothing conclusive will come out of it on either side. I stated it could be done, and without a camera in the attic covering that section who knows. We have to leave it at that I guess, or throw it out as evidence. There are so many scenarios that could happen below the attic causing those same knocks as well. I wasn't there so I can't say personally where they came from. I heard three people tell me it was the ceiling, then the wall, then down the hall, so who's to say it didn't come from below, above, etc.. I'm just saying with the amount of people anything is possible. If there was someone hoaxing the knocks they had to have heard your questioning to respond on command. From what I heard it didn't sound random. So the question is, where can you be to make those knocks and hear the questions. Most likely above. If this was a small controlled residential type case of coarse we could go back and try to debunk this by going into the attic and seeing if you can hear below. But then of coarse all it would take is for someone to say oh there's a microphone in the room etc... I mean there's going to be a answer for anything presented so for me listening to the footage, I chalk it off to being hoaxed. Problem is that it wasn't me nor did it come from our gas lines above, it would have had a metal sound to it and I didn't sense that. As far as the headcount, with the footage I have on the cloud there were people upstairs in the doll room, downstairs, etc. so I'm not sure when the head count was done but visually on camera people were everywhere. I'm definitely not saying it was any of your guests, or some mysterious man outside( which I wish you would have texted me about because I would have liked to see who that was) I'm just offering up possibilities that could be possible but not probable. I'm glad it seemed to be a good event for you and everyone had a good time. To me, that's a success.
He dismissed all of these as well so that was a waste of time. But I tried ending it with a positive to just let it all go and move on. Heres another post by us showing the footage from the event from a lot of different angles. 
The Historic Jefferson Hotel
Here's footage from the event showing what happened during the "emergency" 
Wait... I'm confused here. Justin told me you said you had the footage of the girl "face-planting". In this video, you say "it's hard to see"... but I'm not seeing anything at all. Do you not have the footage of her "face-planting" as you described? Also, I'm not making anything "sound" like anything, nor am I "over-exaggerating" anything. I'm repeating the facts of what I experienced, and the story I was told by Bob and Justin... which this video seems to back up. As I pointed out in the podcast (and as you demonstrate here), I wasn't present for this event. I learned of it probably an hour later, when Bob and Justin told me that you said, "Hey... there's a medical emergency. This girl just face-planted out here". They said when they went down there... nobody was hurt or even recalled "face-planting" or hitting their head. So the only real thing in question here is whether or not there was a girl that "face-planted" and hit her head. Not that I want anyone to be injured, but I was hoping you did in fact have somebody "face-planting" on film, as that could possibly demonstrate my potential theory, which could be that you were both unknowingly talking about different people. But without any footage to back up your story, clearly that can't be the case. As it stands, I don't see anyone "face-planting," bortha. So I'm not sure what this footage demonstrates, other than there is no girl on film that "face-planted" (or hit her head), and when Justin and Bob got down there, as they claim, nobody was injured. Am I wrong?
The footage demonstrates that the event, as you heard it, was highly exaggerated. When I was out there and Justin came out, I told him that I have a camera in that direction and I mist likely caught the girl faceplanting. In the footage I showed, as I explained, was only motion snippets and not full captures. The motion snippets are uploaded and saved to the cloud, the full captures are erased after like three days. Had I known this was going to be the most discussed topic of your investigation, I definitely would have gone back and got it. So if evidence of the lady falling is going to clear it all up then it continues to be a mystery I guess. All in all, even with hearsay and nothing to back up any evidence caught, I'd say your guests all had a good time and that's what these events are about. I don't think people come to these events thinking they are going to experience a real, controlled investigation. That could never happen with the amount of people. I think trying to make factualism out of personal experiences is what we are trying to do here, and no matter how much evidence we both offer it will never prove nor disprove anything. Let's take it as a success as your guests appeared to have a good time. And that's what these events should be about. Thanks

This last response had about 24 hours of thought put into it and was in response to the "What I can tell you" post above... Some of these arent in the exact order they were responded to in. Plus I had been stewing the entire time in fact after listening to his podcast and how rude it was. Im not proud of it, or any of the online battles I get into, but it needed to be said, and hopefully ended (Doubtful) the conversation. 

 @AGHChad   @AGHChad  I wouldn't say your marketing worked since we had 8 rooms left and we gave you two rooms for free, so I'd say we were both unsuccessful. If you had 30 people, even at your lowest price, that would be 6k. You said you would do these event even if you broke even, well obviously you made a lot more then to break even. Oh I'm sorry is it rude to talk about how much you make? Yes it is, but it's fair game now since you decided to judge me off of money. We were told the event would sell out within an hour when it was presented to us, but we understood there were circumstances that couldn't be helped with everything going on. And again with the passive aggressive comment?? We don't really know each other but trust me when I say, I'm not passive aggressive. I will say whatever it is that is on my mind directly to you, trust me on this. Go look at some of my other online circus acts which I hope this doesn't turn into.. hey I'm all for it, I'm good at it sadly. But I didn't read passed that comment and frankly, without being passive aggressive, I though your podcast was a bit on the rude side if I might say so. It's none of your business where we get out money from, and for that to be your first thought when you came invited into our hotel is a little distasteful. Secondly to comment on my statue of being "a really small guy" making it sound as though I can just jump hurdles through the attic because of it, so it could have been me doing the knocking, was also rude. Should I comment on your physical features? Or down you because there no way physically you could even get up the attic because of your statue. Nope I won't, because thats just rude. I may be on the smaller side but I will call out anyone that is being rude I don't give a damn how big you think you are. I've taken down the biggest sadly and won't be bullied in fear of a podcast audience. I have a much larger one, trust me. Or don't, we can always test that theory. I mean this thread alone only has 40 views and your FB post has like 6 likes. But even if it had millions I would state the same thing because it's only fair to take some of your own medicine. Furthermore I really don't care if you believe any of my stories with the lady falling or the knocking... I don't care. Its evident enough by your comments that you won't believe me even if I had an interview with the lady that fell and she admitted to it, you would have an answer for that. With all that being said, and not finishing reading your storybook you wrote. I think it's safe to say there won't be a second event, which is a shame because your guests did have a good time. I'm far too busy running a hotel and my apparently imaginary equipment I build, to be doing these online YouTube drama events which the paranormal community is magnetized too for some reason. So with that being said. Good day to you, glad your guests had a good time and hopefully that's not passive aggressive enough for you.
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I Honestly didnt read most of what he wrote.. mainly because it was ridiculous to continue on. We might as well have done a podcast about it. Like I said before. I didnt know Chad before this, havent listened to any of his podcasts nor seen any of his work. So to wake up the next couple days and have people message me saying did you hear what he said about you, was pretty disheartening. I had to search for the Podcast and really couldnt believe what I was listening to. This wasnt how the event went in my mind. When we first met Chad I thought he was a nice guy, offered to pay for our food at dinner and praised us the whole time. Now knowing what he was really thinking we should have never done the event in the first place. 
You live, you learn. Thanks for reading. 

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