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We are your source for the most innovative Paranormal Technologies which is why we are known as Paranologies.
We are dedicated in creating equipment that is specialized for the Paranormal enthusiast. 
     All of our Customized Equipment is hand built from scratch and Pioneered in the USA Paranologies Lab. With only Paranormal Investigation in mind,  we have developed a number of innovative designs specific for the Paranormal community in mind. Our equipment was not meant for another field and then brought into this field like most others. Not only do we design and build all of the equipment on the site, but our Paranormal Team (TPI) has been around since 1997 to help aid in the design idea's to ease the process of data and evidence collection. Our designs are very unique and we consider them functional works of art with a blend of steampunk. We have a lifetime warranty on all items because of this aspect. Even if you accidentally break an item we will repair it free of charge all you do is pay shipping. 
     You will receive a tracking number almost immediately for your records and an immediate order confirmation after purchase, but this is just for your records and does NOT mean your item has shipped. Please check the shipping times below for approximate shipping time. We understand you want your stuff fast or for an upcoming investigation so we have created the RUSH shipping option just for this reason. You can select the RUSH shipping option before you add your item to the cart by clicking on the shipping drop down tab and selecting RUSH shipping.
If you are purchasing outside of the US we do NOT include invoices with our items and the shipping time for items is usually about 2-3 weeks. 
Shipping times-
Here are the estimated shipping times per item inside the US. These shipping times are estimated in business days, weekends are NOT included in business days. If you purchase more than one item add 1-2 additional business days per item for shipping.
These shipping times are NOT guaranteed, the only guaranteed shipping time would be if the RUSH shipping option is purchased. RUSH shipping orders go out before all other orders and may delay regular shipping orders, so if you are in a hurry for your item it is suggested to use the RUSH shipping option. 
We cannot guarantee shipping times for items shipped internationally.)
* Rush shipping is not available for the Tricam, Poltercom, Progeny or Spectral Observatory.
5-7 business days-
Electrascope, Tribo Meter,  All Parascope versions, Geopod, Large or Small IR/UV Illuminator, Steropod, Temperscope, Thermascope, Panoptic Micro, Panoptic Camera, Paramid, Infrascope, Phonopod, RE-VP, Solo-X, Twincam, Anomaly Cam, Panoptic Dvr, Panoptic PDA
15-20 business days- Wireless Spectral Observatory, Tricam, Poltercom, Poltercom Progeny
Note: Please add an additional 1-2 days to above times if using credit card due to credit card processing times. 
Warranty and Returns-  
Since all items are Custom built and Labor intensive we do NOT offer Refunds for any reason, however we do have a lifetime warranty on parts and labor and defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product with the exception of cracked screens on any product we sell. If a product ever fails due to a defect, even after extended 
use, we will repair or replace the item at our discretion. This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, improper care, negligence, normal wear and tear, or the natural breakdown of colors and materials over extended time and use. If a product is received damaged, we will pay all shipping charges to repair the item if reported within 7 business days of the item received by the customer with authorization first. After 7 business days of the damaged item received, the shipping to our company will be paid for by the customer, then after repair, we will pay the shipping to the customer. If an item does show up damaged or not working, the item must be returned to us first for repair, we will NOT send out a new item until the damaged item is returned to us. Damage not covered under warranty will be repaired for a reasonable rate and a fee will be charged for return shipping.
We accept most major credit cards and Paypal for Payment.
If you use Paypal, buyer protection does NOT offer protection on custom items. Our items are all Custom items. We do NOT take Paypal E-Checks. If you use an E-Check you will be refunded and asked to make other payment arrangements. 
Contact us if you would like us to appear at an event or advertise on our website. 
All images/video's of our design's are subject to change without notice and are Protected by copyright. Any use of our photo's, video's must have written permission from us to be in use for any purpose. Features and specifications of the products may differ slightly from those shown and listed on this site. If you receive an Item that differs from our site, it is an improvement to the product and the newest version available. We are constantly striving to improve our products by gathering data from our Focus groups and our independent Investigations.






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