Order Updates

Updated 1-15-2022

Thank you all for following the below instructions. We have a better understanding of our lost orders and will start to send out tracking numbers to those that contacted us with lost orders before August of 2021. Anything after August of 2021 we have on file still and are working on the order. Please read below if this is the first time visiting this page. 

If you have placed an order before August 2021 and have not received it, its a good chance we have lost the order. There will be instructions below on how to get your order and a lot of other useful information so please take the time to thoroughly read this information. 

What Happened??

       In 2020 Paranologies took a huge hit during the Pandemic. We could not ship, build, or get parts due to this. We could not pay our bills or refund any customers as well. It took everything we could do to not shut down and we appreciate all those that stood by us during all of this. We opted to not get any help from the Government and tried to stay afloat hoping that our parts (some that were manufactured overseas) would be available soon. The company that hosted our main site shut down as well and because of this we lost an estimated 120 orders that we can never find the information for.  All we were offered from the company was a list of order numbers/names/and what product was ordered. It did not have on there whether or not it had been shipped/delivered or refunded unfortunately for us and our customers. Because of this we do not know exactly what orders are outstanding. We put out several bulletins along the way asking for your help and offered ways to get your product. There are still more orders outstanding out there and so we still need your help so we can not only get your order to you, but get caught up and open up fully again. We have seen your emails about order inquiries but we need you to please follow this process in order to build a database to get your orders built.

Items currently available-

Currently we can only get parts for 7 pieces of equipment. 

The Parascope, 360 Parascope, Electrascope, Poltercom Pico, Re-VP, Phonopod, and the Afterlite. If you have ordered something other than this we will give you options via the emailed instructions below after you fill it out correctly and send it to us. 


How to email us-

 If you feel you have an outstanding order please email us at Paranologies@yahoo.com and use these exact instructions so we can filter them for our database. Anything other than these exact instructions will go into spam and we will not see them, so please make sure the email is filled out correctly. We cannot answer questions through this email, so please only send the information below. thank you

For the email title please use -  "Order not received" or "Order for Warranty"

For the email body please tell us as much of the following as you can-

1-Order Number

2- Name of person that ordered

3- Product ordered

Warranty items-

If you have an item that was sent in for warranty repair please follow instructions above as well and we will send you out the newest version of the item you ordered if available. If its not available we will give you some alternative options via email. 

  If filled out correctly, your email will be responded to with instructions on how to receive your order. If you have received instructions already and placed your new order we are currently building it and will get it to you. If you have received a tracking number this does NOT mean it has shipped, it means we have your order and it is being built. Please keep an eye out on the tracking number for movement.

Email responses-

We are sorry but we are NOT currently responding to ANY emails other than the "how to email us" emails above, and even responses to these emails could take up to a month. We will email you with a confirmation that we received your message within 24 hours though. We understand this is frustrating, but please understand we have to first build our database back up to see where we stand. Once this database is complete we will start sending out email responses as soon as they are entered. We are updating the database weekly so it may or may not take as long as a month for a response.


Please do NOT ask for a refund as we are NOT offering them for any reason as stated when you purchased your item. There are several reasons why we dont and never have offered refunds. Without going into full detail basically when you purchase we turn right around and buy parts for the items. Also all of our items are custom built and assembled by hand and because of this nature of the business and the low margin of profit, we have never offered refunds for any reason. Some of you have opted to open paypal cases or contacted your credit card company. And even though is states very clearly that there will be an additional charge when you do this, we understand it has been a while if you haven't received your item. Because of this the only way we can offer a refund to you is if you contact the payment method you used to us and see if they will refund you that way. We have currently removed the additional charge for orders prior to August 2021.

Current Orders (Aug 21 and up)-

If you still are waiting for an order placed after August 2021 and HAVE received either a tracking number or order number, and have NOT contacted your bank or paypal for a refund, we are working on it and it will be shipped very soon as we are currently manufacturing at a higher rate of speed due to new machinery we recently purchased. 

Again we certainly appreciate all customers of Paranologies and look forward to the future of new Paranormal Technology. 


Owner of Paranologies LLC

Jeromy Jones