Order Updates

We have had to put a pause on manufacturing and are refunding all outstanding orders that we have been able to verify as being lost from 2020.

If you don't know, in 2020 we shut down Paranologies for 6 months due to not being able to get parts. During this time we paused the online store. When we went to reopen the store all orders were gone. This meant I didn't know what to build or who to reach out to. Eventually about a year later after many hours of phone calls and emails to my online store, they sent me a list of orders from 2018-2019 that simply had order numbers and what the customer paid. No contact info or what was ordered. The only thing this information was good for is if the customer comes to me with an order number I can at least fill in the blanks and either build the order or refund it. 

If a refund was requested, all refunds have been sent out to the payment methods used during purchase. (Unless you specifically stated via email that you wanted to wait for your order.) If you have not received a refund please make sure the method you used during purchase is still valid. If it is not please contact your credit card issuer or your bank for a refund. 

We appreciate everyone's patience while we pause our store. We do not have a date for manufacturing continuation but you can reach out to us via email to be put on the waiting list.

I am not currently responding to emails until I have more information or a game plan for where to go from here. The emails are being read and placed into the appropriate folders for a future response. 

If you have sent me an email about a lost order, I am placing those in a separate folder so I can check whether the order has been refunded or if it needs to be built and shipped. While I understand the lost orders are frustrating I will not tolerate rude or threatening emails. Those go into spam and will not be returned. 


Thank you