Lost orders

    If you didn't know, in 2020 we shut down Paranologies for 6 months due to not being able to get parts after being in business for 13 years. During this time we paused the online store. When we went to reopen the store all orders were gone. This meant I didn't know what to build or who to reach out to. Eventually about a year later after many hours of phone calls and emails to my online store, they sent me a list of orders from 2018-2019 that simply had order numbers and what the customer paid. No contact info or what was ordered. The only thing this information was good for is if the customer comes to me with an order number from that time period I can at least fill in the blanks and either build the order or refund it. 

According to the online store merchant over 13k of refunds were sent out because people didn't think they were getting their product, and this is ok, as I didn't know who to refund anyway unless they contacted me by actually reading the website. I put up many bulletins and blog posts on the website during that time, so if you didn't read them or see my numerous posts, I don't know what to tell you. So now all refunds have been sent out to the payment methods used during purchase. If you have not received a refund please make sure the method you used during purchase is still valid. If it is not please contact your credit card issuer or your bank for a refund. I understand that it may be too late as banks can only refund after so long, but again, I put out to the public as much as I could for you too see what to do. If you didn't research or look back at the site after a year of not receiving a product, you chose not to do that. Instead you chose to go online and say how you never got your product and to not buy from us as we stole from you. That's so far from the truth but unfortunately there are those that like the drama train better than the truth. Remember I was in business 13 years prior to this, do you really think I could scam people for 13 years and get a way with it? That's rhetorical. Even with all the drama though this doesn't mean I won't refund or fulfil your item. In fact go look at our Paranologies FB page posts and you will see I refunded people publicly on those posts.


You will also see many people claiming they had an order but when asked about it publicly the crickets started chirping. 

I've gone through all past orders that I have received and also looked at refunds done by the credit card processor everything should be up to date. If you still feel like you have not received a refund I would go back and look at your bank statements as all refunds were sent out automatically unless you didn't read site updates or wait too long for refund. 

Thank you