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Recordable Audio Feature

With this Audio Addition Record any sound you want to the sensors when they trigger. A record button and microphone will be added to the unit so you press the button and either talk into it or add any noise you like. For instance, Say I have 4 Parascopes at a location. I can record my voice on the Parascope as to where it is, Hallway, Kitchen, Bedroom etc. and if i'm out of the room I know exactly which one is Triggered. This feature can be used for so many things.


-Parascope Plasma

-Parascope 360





Paranormal Research in 20 years.. where will we be?

With Technological advancements happening so fast around us, where do you think Paranormal research will be in 20 years? Have we reached any closer to the truth than 20 years ago?

Our Parascope line is now Patent Pending!

We are proud to announce that our Parascope line is now in Patent Pending status as we await our Utility Patent. This protects us from someone duplicating our products and idea's that we spend years innovating and unlawfully calling them theirs while it is in the Patent Pending status. Here is what the law states for Patent Pending- 

"If an inventor has a patent pending for an invention and a company begins to use that invention without his permission, the inventor can proceed to get the...

New for 2014

We have a bunch of new products coming out towards the end of 2014. These include new sensors, cameras, and Dvr's. We have used our focus groups and our very own team to bring you new items in search or our common goal, the afterlife. We have new sensors based of Continuity and have had some great results. A new VR style IR headset will be introduced soon as well. Keep an eye out for the new items to be popping up in our Vendors online stores as well!

We now have audio! Finally...

Its not a hard to thing to add audio to any of our equipment, i'm just not a huge fan. And by I'm.. I mean me (Jeromy Jones) President of Paranologies. Why you ask? Well for me its really an opinion, but I don't like annoying noises going off when i'm trying to be quiet and observe in silence. Also equipment that makes noises can disturb any Evp's you may get. However I know why it would be useful.. say your in another room and not watching the camera's and a Parascope goes off... well you missed it because it...