New Bronze lineup coming soon!

Here at Paranologies not only is function very important, but design is a huge aspect of our equipment. We now have the ability to create our items out of Bronze and create an all natural antique patina to it. This is just another creative option we want to offer our customers. 

One of the exciting things about this is our new line of Ghost boxes we are going to introduce very soon. The first will be the Poltercom which is a beautifully designed box made from Bronze and designed from scratch from the ground up. It will have a touchscreen under the lid to adjust sweep rate and other options. On the front of the unit will be bronze slide and turn pots (knobs) to adjust effects and volume. We are very excited to bring this to the public finallyso keep checking back for updates on the Poltercom.

Here are some pics below of some of our new bronze items. Please contact us for any question. 


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