The Gettysburg Ghost Exchange- "Exchanges" their Policies to better them

Now from the start of this blog I want to say that Paranologies and myself (Jeromy Jones) has had nothing but the best relationship with the Gettysburg Ghost Exchange. Its not until a couple of days ago that I got a private message from Steven Barry (The owners husband) stating he was needing a refund for an order. I replied with im sorry as you know we don't and have never offered refunds for any reason but I can get it built soon or give you a credit.

He replied with that is not our store policy and sent me an address for his Paypal account. I reminded him of the terms he signed back in 2016 when he placed his first order with us. 

I have had to remind Steven of these policies time and time again. Here is another example from Jan 2020 at which you can see he agreed upon again!

Steven didn't like the facts so he decided to make the following post, I guess seeing if we would change our polices due to online bullying which Paranologies never folds to. 

For some reason they used the word defective in this post which has nothing to do with the original argument. I believe it was used to hype up the post. Here is my response to that-

Steven and I talked back and forth about policies, even with the reminders of what he signed and agreed to. He clearly states he didn't care about our policies. 

Yes customers do wait a long time to get a Paranologies product, Because they are hand made by one person and are very sought after. Everything is listed very clearly on our site to cover these polices but apparently GGE makes their own rules and then changes the rules when it benefits them. 

Paranologies has even donated numerous items to GGE for FREE and to a good cause I might add. We have donated to The WW Project for GGE twice, making custom items for them to auction off to make money. 


That was just one of the custom items we built for them. 

We have also helped the GGE with business loans to help them get them back off their feet when times were tough. But this is how they repay us. 

Like I said at the beginning of this post we treated each other like family as this shows-

Well he got part of it right...

Every year they also reached out about display items being sent to them for free as well, while every other distributor had to pay for theirs at a huge discount. Here is just one of my many responses to yet again free bees being wanted. 

Needless to say its sad that the GGE has gone to online bashing when it was something they agreed to in the beginning of our business relationship. They say it wasn't online bashing but the verbiage they used was very intentionally charged to get people on the Paranologies bashing train. Whats funny is that it is their most popular post they have had if that tells you anything. 

GGE, in the last year, has only sold about 3 Paranologies products so we removed their name as dealers since they didnt meet the criteria of a distributor. Even though we still let them continue to sell our products at a discounted rate. 

We don't like making these posts but we also have been very clear throughout the last 10 years of the truth. When someone posts about us that is not factual, we like to clear it up. I hope this post does. As this last communication to Steven shows we want nothing for the best to them and hope in future en-devours with other companies they can abide by their terms or not do business with them. 

Even after I told him it was getting out of hand he continued talking about the last time Paranologies got attacked. We unfortunately get attacked a lot, that shows that we are doing something right, but we handle our own because the truth comes out in posts like this.

I made the blog post and asked him if he wanted to add anything. He approved and then reverted to name calling of coarse, at which I told him I would gladly call or do a fb live and have that sort of discussion. He declined.

He declined for me to add anything to the blog and then blocked me after a few one sided name callings on his part. 

Thank you for reading and standing by Paranologies, we see your continued support, especially yesterday we had record sales since the Pandemic started. We appreciate you all and I will continue to bring new communication tools to the public as attacks like this won't bring us down!

-Jeromy Jones

Paranologies LLC


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