Ryan Privee- The Fake Psychic, Caught Slandering!

It's a terrible thing when someone commits a crime but even worse when they are out to ruin your reputation for no reason..

Ryan Privee, aka Ryan Ayers, is one of those people. He has been caught Slandering Paranologies, the owner and sister companies. 

First let's define Slander-


the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person's reputation.

Here is Ryan outright committing a crime publicly by telling people to leave a "nice" review. 



Two people decided to leave us a "bad" review on our sister companies page and they will be included in the slander suit as well. Wes Neal is another one that will be on the Slander suit but he has since backed off. Ryan the Psycho...sorry psychic continues to slander Paranologies. Now why would he want to do this? Is he a customer? No, we search our records and he has never purchased from us. 


So then why? 

Well he thinks Paranologies scammed people because there are lost orders people are upset about. In 2020 Paranologies had to temporarily shut down due to not being able to get parts because of the pandemic. We paused the store until we could get parts, which we did. Problem is when we unpaused the store all of our unfulfilled orders had been marked fulfilled, so this means we had no idea who got what. The only thing we could do is reach out to our customers on how to get their orders by blogs and fb posts. Sadly some customers never checked the site etc and got mad. So Ryan simply jumped on that bandwagon of a few people. The difference is he is Slandering Paranologies and telling people to leave false reviews, which in itself is a crime. Remember slander is when you make false accusations hurting ones reputation. Which he has done by sending people to attack my other company The Historic Jefferson Hotel. He left a false review to hurt my reputation, which is a crime, and sent others to do so as well.

Also he posted this-

He wrote a fake review stating the hotel had bed bugs etc, which is a false stament and is damaging the reputation. 

Now Ryan has a reputation himself of scamming people a quick Facebook search on Ryan Privee shows a lot of people complaining about what he did to them while on his tour. He does a ghost tour where he has allegedly taken people to a location not on the tour, the museum, and takes peoples money and pockets it. Problem with this is that he does not own the tour so that money he is stealing belongs to the owner. 

Also here is a video from someone that shows Ryan has a history of doing these things.


And here is another post we found about his scamming ways from a public fb accoun


He also has a lot of other ventures he operates under. Here are a few.

his eBay store eye_to_the_soul_reader also sent me a threatening message as you can see here by this public youtube video he posted.

He calls me a scam artist and even says we'll eliminate him, which is actually a terroristic threat and will be on the lawsuit.

Here he is stating "there will be more for you" and that he has a lot of connections. Well those connections are just fakebook friends he has aquired because only two people chose to do what he said, and those that we have talked to know he himself is a fake and a scammer. They are also listed on the papers we will file.

There will be more updates on this story as we love dealing with bullying by sharing facts, and I'm sure there will be more to come from this Fake psychic. We will post when we file the lawsuit and the outcome as well. 

Don't let people bully you online. It is a crime! 

Please feel free to reach out to Ryan and let him know how you feel about this crime.

-Jeromy Jones 

Owner Paranologies, The Historic Jefferson Hotel






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