"Belittling" the Paranormal Field, The Kenny Biddle story

The truth about Kenny "belittle" Biddle.

Updated 3-20

As I've stated before, I HATE para drama, its consumes me sadly as I am constantly defending myself of my original products from profiteers making money off of my ideology.  Kenny Biddle is a wannabe science enthusiast who investigates claims of paranormal experiences, equipment, photos, and video because he thinks he is a professional. He thinks he promotes science, critical thinking, and skepticism through his sham blog I Am Kenny Biddle, but what he actually does is tear down people, equipment or anything that he wants to publicly question. How can you question something like the Paranormal where no one is a professional or has all the answers? That's exactly why its called the Paranormal, its "above the normal". If we had all the answers we wouldn't do it. It a very faith based field. Yes some actual science can be used but it doesn't prove the existence or non existence of spirits etc. Well recently Kenny decided to try to use his negative tactics to tear down a couple of our devices. It completely backfired on him as it is clear from all the emails and followers that have reached out to us because we called out this Parabully publicly. 
Whats funny is I (Jeromy Jones) did a small show with Kenny Biddle called Verified where you see his Ultra-Skepticism come through. He states that most Paranormal Investigators dont use technology in a scientific way. Duh, not everyone is a scientist Kenny, the Paranormal field is about entertainment as well and there is nothing wrong with that. Yes, there are those actual Scientist (like myself) that have degree's and can still do Paranormal investigation without tearing it apart. Because even though we use the Scientific method as best as we can, it still cannot disprove the existence of Paranormal happenings. Here's the episode for those that are interested. 


Kenny Biddle states hes not profiting off of my designs, but wants to do a review of my devices so people can understand how it works. Problem with that is he is showing everyone my hard earned work that I put thousands of hours and dollars into so some ripoff artist can just go to his page and see exactly how to build one. Now for most of my customers they dont care or want to know whats inside, so why does it matter you ask? Because of the Drama train Christopher express is why. Bob Christopher blatantly took apart a Parascope and reversed (horribly) engineered it, which is exactly what one of these (very few) followers of "the belittle" will do. Here's how the whole thing happened... you will love this. 

A customer of mine by the name of Evelyn Rake. Now I wont go into details about a customer of mine but needless to say she wasn't happy because her item took longer than expected to arrive. It happens, especially with custom hand made equipment that she ordered. Well, apparently Evelyn didn't like any of the answers or discounts I gave her so she sent it to the one person that she knew was a Para bully and would take action against me. 

"Permission to Kenny Biddle them" what does that even mean? Is he trying to be like the guy on Facebook that takes apart phones that goes by Jerry Rig Everything. Sorry Biddle, you're not that guy. Apparently Biddle is in the paranormal but doesn't believe in anything or does when it benefits him, or doesn't... its very confusing. There are all kinds of blogs out there that talk about Biddle being a skeptic and not contributing anything positive to the Paranormal world. Get out of the Paranormal field if you don't have anything positive to contribute please, we won't miss you. What I do know is that he is in this field for the wrong reasons, to be famous! He knows that drama is a fame attraction, especially in the Paranormal, and want's a part of it. 

He then chose to post this on his page-

Now Kenny is publicly posting that he is going to open up the insides of my devices. Does this mean he is going to post it? No it doesn't, but it could mean that so I decided to reach out to him and gave him my number just like I do with all the Para drama associates. After some more drama on his FB page he finally called me... It did not go well! He immediately got defensive and would not listen to anything I said, so it ended up in a "who can talk over who" battle.. . which I won. Sounds familiar doesn't it? Yep same type of phone call with Bob Christopher when I saw he was profiting off of my Parascope. Did he reach out to me and ask how it works? Nope. But he then became my unofficial sponsor very quickly. You see Kenny chose to post my companies information and pictures without my consent, because of this I have made him an unofficial sponsor since he wants my attention so bad. Paranologies now owns www.IamKennyBiddle.com and has it forwarded to our site. There Kenny, you got my attention, congrats on the new sponsorship. Now Kenny of coarse tried to say this was illegal etc, but its not illegal to own a website with someone name attached to it as long as its not setup to cause harm, which in this case its not. He simply wants to show off my products to his followers so this is a much easier way for them to find us. Thanks Kenny!

After many back and forth texts between Kenny and I asking him to not post my inside work as he could be in some legal issues if he does, He chose to post the below picture and statement. See how he mentions the Vortex "ripoff" dome and says how much sturdier it is? This shows that these two are both out to get what Paranologies has. What's even worse is that he is showing a picture of the inside of what appears to be a steampunk 360 Parascope with some glob of crap mess inside.  As Ive shown above we use circuit boards that are made to fit in the 3d printed mold, not this mess. Kenny has a target on my back from the start because I posted the truth about his friend Bob Christopher. Kenny added his own mess of electronics to try to make Paranologies look bad which is slander. 

I then posted what the inside really looks like, without giving too much away of coarse, and then realized this whole thing was nothing but a setup to make myself and Paranologies look bad. Now he is working on a defamation of character suit.

 What do you know, it looks like the exact same thing as above but with the correct electronics by Paranologies inside not something planted by Kenny Biddle. 

I reached out to him again via text messages, since he called me the previous day, and asked him why he posted false information. He claimed that when he opened it up it was like that. Yeah, ok. After many back and forth text messages between us, he states he wishes it was a more civil conversation and that he prefers that. Yeah, we tried that on the phone and you didn't want to listen did you? I also told him I was way too busy to be involved in more drama and that if he truly wanted it to end he would remove it all and I would do the same. His response- "Goodnight Jeromy."  That right there said it all about this guy. 

 Well Kenny go out and do something that requires work and years of sweat and tears like myself and many others in this field have done. Stop trying to break everyone down and be so negative, we don't have time for it and your'e not going to be famous. Maybe a little more popular since you decided to go after me, but famous... nope.

 Since then Kenny has continued to attack for no reason other than try to get attention. Here you can see one of my customers proud to show off her package from Paranologies that arrived. The title of her post showed the box and said "I wonder what is in here". Then you see Kenny Biddle, for no reason at all, start up his drama again on her post.

Well Kenny, You're a conceited wannabe blogger that doesn't do anything positive for the Paranormal field that has ties with Bob Christopher the original ripoff artist. The jealousy of Kenny really shows when he does stuff like this and that is why he is continued to be questioned about why he is in this field in the first place. He doesn't believe in the Paranormal so why keep tearing it down? Its simple, he see's how negative attention grabs the attention of the paranormal community and thrives off that. Just recently he was at the Bash in Gettysburg where he was a speaker. Well a lady that was in the audience got up in the middle of his talk because she didn't agree with something he said. As she was getting up Kenny called the lady out in front of everyone and asked her why she was leaving, humiliating her publicly. Her husband had some words with Kenny but i'm sure Kenny didn't care. His story will just grow on here to show the public that he is in no way a benefit to the Paranormal cause.             

To try to turn a negative into a positive I have setup a discount code for 10% off any product by using the discount code (KennyBelittleBiddle) for those that support us in our forward thinking and positivity. We appreciate you

Apparently Belittle Biddle has finished his (cough, cough) report on some of our products. Its humbling to think someone can spend that much time on a product. Problem is he is trying to get famous off of Paranogies but is getting nowhere. Hey Kenny, I have 50 other products if you want to review them as well. Oh you have to purchase them though, hey make sure to use the discount code "KennyBelittleBiddle", Ive already had 73 people use it. Btw that was a Joke, Paranologies does not approve of Kenny using any of our products, pictures/video's of our products or any of our product/company names for any reason. Continuing to do so and Kenny will be liable for an upcoming lawsuit. Maybe he can bring his partner with him and take care of two birds at the same time.

Kenny and his sidekick Bob the ripoff builder Christopher have a cute new picture together. These two just can't get enough of me. Guys you will never be me, so please stop trying. You two combined can't even compare to me. This picture is of them holding a radio that you can purchase off Amazon. I use the top of the radio in my Pico design. Inside the Pico is a whole lot of electronics that neither one of them know anything about. I guess they are saying to just buy that radio and make a Pico out of it? Yeah go ahead and try that lol. Guys, while the photos are great, no one cares or listens to you. This is evident because sales are only going up and have never gone down. I enjoy making you look like fools though, keep it coming. 

Thanks  everyone,

Jeromy Jones

Owner Paranologies

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  • I hate Bullies. Bullies always try to make others look bad because they feel like shit on the inside and are completely Childish and Jelous. I just want to say that ,Jeromy I think you are awesome for being such a great Scientific thinker and an artist as well. You make really cool Paranormal Tools and are a very hard worker. None of these Bullies could ever have the patience and attention to detail like you do to make this kind of equipment. Anyone who wastes their time to Bully you or tries to take apart your hard work and ruin your creations are nothing but morons and lowlifes. May you rise to even more greatness while Kenny who cant even try to be a real man sinks like a broken ship! 👻 Oh by the way Jeromy keep up the great work, Your hard work will always be remembered by all of your fans. Paranologies will always be my #1 Choice for Paranormal Tools . ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    • Melissa Hooey
  • Is this guy still around? Lol
    I’ll have to go see this. What do they get out of this. It just shows how jealous they are of you. Wow

    • Dean Stevens
  • And guess who the lady was……… yep that’s right, you guessed it, me!!!! Other people left before me, and I was hesitant on leaving but couldn’t take anymore so I decided to leave. And of course he had to single me out for no reason. Oh wait maybe I’m associated with others he doesn’t care for. Humiliating is not even close to what I felt after his BS forced faked apology.

    • Laura SImonelli
  • Kenny Belittle Biddle attacking Paranologies and calling Zak Bagans a Dummy and questioning the entire field of paranormal research with no credentials, no experience, Belittle Bittle is a joke and soon his social media followers will catch on and Kenny will need a real job

    • Michael Banks
  • It’s sad that people like Kenny Biddle exist that have no scientific background, no paranormal experience, just a sad person that tears down others to get a few likes on social media.

    • Michael Banks