Tired of taking 2 hours to setup? Read this..

We have all been there.. Excited to do a case for a client yet we spend hours setting up 4-8 camera's and meanwhile evidence could be happening. I also have a Paranormal Group here in Texas know as Texas Paranormal Investigations (TPI) est. 1998, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve this field with Technology built just for it. Well we have designed a Portable command center to make the setup process easier. It all fits in a carrying case, just plug it in and it records immediately. The case includes a 13" Lcd monitor with 2 video inputs and a backlight. Once you open the case the screen folds down and rests on top of the HD 4 channel Dvr that records to an Sd Card. Once the sd card is inputed into your pc you can drag and drop the files to it and backup an entire case. This Dvr has 4 channels of video and audio that line up seamlessly. This unit includes an IR transmitter for the included pair of wireless headphones so you can communicate with team members or listen in live to evp sessions. On the rear of the unit are recessed rca inputs for each camera and a video out and input for the dvr if you want to run it on a larger screen. Options will include the ability to go completely wireless with an internal battery and wireless transmitters. Coming soon so be on the lookout! Please leave comments if you have any questions. 

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  • about the wireless dvr. what is the battery life of the cameras. Also what is the recording capacity running all cameras. I need to run through the night for investigations and may need a hard drive for storage if that’s possible..

    • Martin