Tri-Cam An interesting TidBit with EVP's discovered..

The Tri Cam is an amazing piece of equipment designed about 7 years ago. It has just recently been introduced to the public, but I have found out some interesting things with this camera along the way. Since it records in stereo audio, I began to notice that alleged Evp's have been showing up louder on one side or the other.. Sometimes switching sides. This tells me that whatever was communicating with me was prob. on that side of the camera. I then discovered something really cool through audio editing software. I can take the stereo track of an investigation, invert one side and then convert them into a Mono track.. Did I lose you? Ok well basically this is how you do sound cancellation. Only problem is that when you do this process you should see no wave forms left over because everything should cancel out... And I was still seeing small wave forms on some investigations I did this on. The wave forms that were left were unexplained voices (Evp's) and the only explanation I had was that the process did not work on Evp's because of the microphone configuration of the Tri Cam. This is great because now I can drop a 6 hour investigation into sound editing software and in 2 minutes be left with nothing but Evp's. I also am working on a new piece of equipment using this same microphone configuration (similar to the Phono-Pod) so that Evp's will output live after being processed so fast you wont be able to tell. Feel free to leave comments! Thanks - Jeromy Jones

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