Parascope Plagiarism

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 The Parascope was first introduced into the field in early 2000 first seen on eBay. Ever since it has become a very popular sensor for the Paranormal enthusiast and for good reason. I (Jeromy Jones) Invented the Parascope with the thought process that we as humans have static electricity on us almost all the time and that this may be a good way to communicate to each other when we pass. So I developed a circuit that not only detects static fields but can track the fields movement so we can see which way the static energy is going and follow it. I shared this piece at conventions first and it was hit, then I introduced it to eBay where it took off. As more and more people started using the product they could see how helpful it was on an investigation and it is now widely used in the field and on most TV shows. Ok, thats some of the history behind the Parascope. Lets get to the point of this blog post since it is titled Parascope Plagiarism. I don't like bringing things in the light like this, but I also don't like peoples hard work being taken and profited off of because they think they can just do it, especially my own. These situations take time away from my business and more importantly my family. I strive to create very original ideas and designs, and have done so with all my products. The Paranormal field will never get anywhere if the same products just keep getting copied over and over. I love it when I see a new design from someone, but when I see someone just copying a product and maybe changing it a hair to make it theirs, that is not ok in my book. Which is where these 2 companies come in...

There are several companies that have ripped off the Parascope. Janning Labs, Vortex Ghost Gear, and SCS Sweden's Stoffe Andersson. Yeah, even in Sweden they are profiting off my creations. 

Here is the First Ripoff that I have been dealing with for a long time now and the unit is still for sale. Bob Christopher was actually feeding (Janning Labs) with information to try to damage Paranologies. 

 On August 6th 2014 Bob Christopher, owner of Vortex ghost gear, introduced on his FB page a new piece of equipment he was about to start selling through the Ghost Hunter Store and through his website. I thought the design of it was interesting because it was very close to my 360 Parascope and the black and white theme that only Paranologies had. 

 It was a horrible reproduction of it but none the less it was clearly a reproduction of the 360. Then he posted this video which really was upsetting because it was clear that the Parascope sensor was obviously reversed engineered. 

Its even stated in the video that it picks up Tribo fields and that it has a green light on the top encased so you can see it in the dark. Hmmm this was also alarming because I coined the term Triboelectric field meter and it was never used before this in the Paranormal world. Just google Triboelectric field meter and you will see. 

Also his description was basically ripped right off the Paranologies website with the hair standing up and the colors used even with the light on the top to illuminate it. It goes even further because the other ripoffs you see on his site, like from the Rempod now called the Vpod, all used cases you could buy from any online source. Well I noticed the 360 repoduction called the Dome was vacuum molded which is a method only Paranologies used for a long time. Then I discovered via his eBay account on July 23rd 2014 he purchased Plastic abs sheets used for vacuum molding and then in early August he posted pics of his new vacuum molding machine he built.  

He then also tries to make a mockery out of the 360 by stating "its tough and virtually unbreakable unlike other similar designs with breakable sticks protruding". Wait I thought you didn't copy the 360? So then why are you comparing it to it? And our "Sticks" have a visual purpose and a lifetime warranty so if it does break we fix it free. 

To make a long story short I think we all see its very clear he just ripped off an invention that I spend over 10 years creating in not only the design but the electronics. Then for someone to come along and reverse engineer the Parascope and 360 Parascope and put it out there as his own and make it sound like he came up with the idea is very shameful in this field. I pride myself with not copying anyone's design, whether it be the electronics or the physical design. I like being very unique and I think my customers do too. I have been asked several time to recreate devices that are already out there and I choose not too, because I know from experience how long something takes to build, create and then perfect.

I reached out to an acquaintance of Bobs to get Bobs phone number. Bob called me and the phone call with Bob went great at first, we were talking about our kids etc, but then when I brought up the subject of the new creation he made he turned immediately defensive and was done listening to me and the rest of the phone call was just cursing. I explained to him all the hard work I put into the device and asked if he would stop selling it. He declined and said I didn't invent static electricity, which is true, but I did invent the Parascope which detects static electricity in a very specialized way at which he clearly copied. Since the phone call went bad quickly I knew I had to take other routes and got a Patent Pending for the Parascope and have already filed for a Patent for the design and the electronics. I was then eligible to send Bob and anyone selling his Parascope recreation a cease and desist letter at which I did. 

The letter was never signed or returned, it was just ignored. 

I then decided to post on his FB Page that the device looks very familiar and he then stated his device would not be available until this is cleared, which he then decided I guess to go against all my letters and emails and continue to sell the device as its still available till this day.

On April 10th 2017 Paranologies was then slandered by Bob on a radio show titled "Para Drama" with Bill and Kris Reap. 

Here's a clip of the show.

On this show Bob was saying things like the Parascope falls apart and the recreation he has done is indestructible. Then he follows by using a Burger king and McDonalds analogy by saying they are just a little different, Bob states Paranologies uses a chip and Bob uses a dot driver. A dot driver as Bob refers it as, is a chip, or an integrated circuit to be specific. The lm3915 dot driver chip is included in the Patent of the Parascope. 

The Parascope does not obviously fall apart or we wouldn't have sold over 5000 of them. Even if a customer drops the Parascope accidentally and the tubes break we have a lifetime warranty on them. Also, last time I checked im not throwing my equipment around to see if it can hold up to destruction, Im using it to be placed in an area to be observed not touched or thrown to test if it is indestructible. 

I tell my customers that if they receive one of these ripoff's I will take it and trade it for a free Parascope so they can enjoy the original. I do this free of charge and pay for shipping as well. The first one I got I of coarse took a look inside and it was very apparent that Bob Christopher has completely copied my circuit. How do I know this? Well one of the chips I used in the original design has a very specific way to wire it up. I did not follow this way of wiring it up. By doing weeks and weeks of testing to make the Parascope work well, I configured my own way of wiring up the chip and only I would know how to do this because it is not the standard way of doing so. Here is a pic of the inside of "the dome" ripoff piece. 

It looks bad I know... but that's not the point i'm making here. The point is that if you can follow all that garbled mess and behind the nasty hot glue, you would be able to see my original schematic I used in my patent submission. 

Below are Pictures of the inside of a Paranologies Parascope and the original circuit I developed that Bob Christopher decided to copy. (Much better right) well that is what it currently looks like, there were times that I only used a chip and wires but nothing like the garbled mess above. 


The electronic mess of a circuit on the Bob Christopher version is very disturbing to me because if this is a representation of the Parascope I would be ashamed. Ashamed not only because its not original but ashamed that Bob Christopher has lied about so many things and I have shown proof of that with such things like using Triboelectric field meter in his description (which I coined the term and own the website.  and the circuit he has copied(which I have documentation of in the early 2000's. 

Even if you look at the bottom of the ripoff Parascope you can see he has even ripped off Gary Galka's lower portion of the Rempod. There is nothing original at all about the so called "dome ripoff". Furthermore Bob's "Vpod" is nothing more than a REMPOD ripoff yet again. Bob is a disgrace to a field that is trying to find answers through innovators while he is profiting off those innovators hard work. 

Now Bob Christopher has even started ripping off some of my other designs using the same circuit. "The AzTech" is just his ripoff "Dome" in a Pyramid shape and makes this god awful beeping noise that does nothing but kill any chances of catching an evp. Does the Pyramid shape sound familiar? Yeah I also put out a device called the Paramid a long time ago. It is saddening that this guy just can't come up with anything original. 

Here's the ripoff The AzTech-

and the original Paranologies Paramid design below. 

The 3d printed Parascope ripoff (Dome)

Even now after years of doing this he still has continued to replicate my company designs and others. I send him emails every few months or so asking him to stop selling them when he does a design change and to remind him i'm not going away. Now he has started 3d printing, wow first you want to copy my vacuum molding now you are 3d printing just like we have been doing for 5 years. Here's an email I sent him when a customer sent me a screen shot of his 3d printed ripoff version. (Warning- I used some graphic language in the email) His response was typical of him. 

Instead of saying sorry I have been profiting off your invention for years he says "Thanks for all the advertising, Sales are through the roof" and then posts the email on his FB page. I responded with, yes please post it all so your followers can see what a sham you are. Sadly, from what people were sending me, most of his followers that responded to his post were of coarse siding with him that its ok to rip someone off. 

I do hope his sales are through the roof actually because I can get triple the damages of what he has sold since this whole thing has began. 

Ive even had people come to me now saying they were sorry for supporting him and apologize to me because they found out the truth. 

So what is the truth?

The truth is, I spend my whole life in this quest of trying to find out answers about what happens when you die. I do this by building equipment that may be able to get those answers. Building such equipment takes years and years out of my life to get it developed and to the public. Not to mention thousands upon thousands of dollars. I strive to be original every day. If I know something is out there, even if it is easy to copy, I don't do it. Yes I could do it to almost all the builders out there, I would make a lot more money probably, but I have morals and principals that people like Bob Christopher obviously don't. 

So why not just sue him and get it over with? you might ask...

Well the truth is I can, and will one day. Right now i'm extremely busy with the other 50+ items I have invented and I'm afraid Bob won't have the amount of money I'm going to sue him for including my Lawyer fee's and it will even more money i'm out of because of him. The good thing is I am in a great community of people that are all in search of the same thing, and most of these people are honest and understand the work I put into my inventions and won't stand for what Bob is doing to everyone. I certainly won't let it happen. I stay out of the Para drama as much as I can, but when it come's to issues like this I'm not afraid to go toe to toe with anyone. 

And here is yet another company that has no morals.

Here is the 2nd Ripoff of the Parascope.

Janning labs was first introduced to me by people sending me messages asking if I have partnered up with a company because of their creation or should I say, ripoff. Here is a picture and you can see why.

That is the Spectre-SGj17.. looks familiar right. Thats because you have probably seen the Parascope shown below.

Notice any similarities? 

The tubes are very recognizable as a Paranologies product, I use them in a lot of our equipment and am the only one in the Paranormal field who does so. Visually its easy to tell why I would be upset about this. 

The next problem is how the device works. On Janning labs website they advertise the unit as being an Advanced Emf meter. 

Well as you can clearly see and hear Lee Allen from Paravizionz Paranormal describe on his public FB live video, this is a static meter, which is being false advertised as an EMF meter. Also, if you are familiar with the Parascope, you can see it reacts exactly like it. I have put years and years into the Parascope design of not only the electronics, but the design itself and know there is only one configuration you can do to get the Parascope effect. It was very clear that these 2 designs I am Blogging about were reversed engineered and ripped off completely without caring one bit about all my hard work. Here is the video for the most current rip off, the Spectre-SGj17.

 As you can see from the video it is basically a Parascope that someone added a bluetooth to so it will snap a picture from your phone using an app, which is another Paranologies rip off idea as we have already implemented a camera into our sensors to capture an image when it triggers. Major difference is that ours is integrated into the unit and also it captures in night vision. 

I reached out to all my Distributors to make them aware that they are false advertising as an EMF detector only to get in their stores. I had many debates with my distributors explaining why it was a Tribo electric field meter (also called an E-field) and not an Emf detector as they were false advertising about. Finally after they posted the circuit board, as you can see below, it was clear they were not being truthful about their product. Now that the Paranologies distributors decided to not go forward with their product they have updated their website to show the real truth that its an E-field meter, exactly like the Parascope. So not only did they ripoff the light tubes that are original to a lot of Paranologies designs, its all the same thing electronically speaking with the addition of a bluetooth module that is not helpful in the Paranormal field. Here is the exact screen capture above but now it has the truth in it. 

The company then decides to post the board on their FB Page that they are using to prove its not comparable to the Parascope, well they actually proved it was unfortunately for them. The board you see pictured is nothing more than an led driver board and a static transistor with an adafruit bluetooth module attached. If this were an emf detecter as they are false advertising, it would have a coil on it. You can buy these parts online and there claim that it is proprietary and they are having it made can be easily dismissed by doing a simple google search of the parts they are using.


I reached out to Lee Allen since he had the item listed on his website. He told me that all questions need to go through Janning labs, which I thought was weird because on his video it seemed as though he was the creator or affiliated with Janning labs. In the video towards the end he states he was proud that " we've" sold 3 yesterday.  He then said if I were to give them the Patent number it would be handled. So in other words its ok to rip someones design off unless they have a patent. (Luckily I do but to enforce a patent it can cost a lot of money that I can spend on much better things.)

I then asked him about the video and his affiliation with the company and he said "As of right now I will take off videos and pictures until the matter is under control. Sorry! I hope it works out for both parties." 

He then said he was going to forward them (Janning labs) all the information, which again I though was weird, why not just give me their information. 

The owner of the company Monica Janning called me as requested, and refused to change her design. So that got me no where. 

Then all of a sudden on the Paravizionz website, all of their information was removed about the unit, which I was glad to hear. Except that 5 mins later they posted it will still be in production until the matter was worked out. So I commented on their page facetiously stating that I had hoped it does go to court as I needed a vacation and also wanted to share factual information as the link they shared says it is an emf meter, which it isn't. 

The whole situation is sad when I have to protect a design I have had for over 10 years. I often hear people say the Rempod has been ripped off and you don't see the owner doing anything about that. Well I have pride and integrity on the designs I build and they are my life. If someone else doesn't feel the same as me that is fine, but does not make plagiarism ok just because you let it happen. 

I am reaching out to everyone in the Paranormal community that has been loyal to me and Paranologies to email these companies and tell them how you feel.  Here is janninglabs contact info.

(no longer working link, hopefully they learned the lesson)

This whole event has taken time away from my family, from my creations and cost me a lot of money thus far. I reach out to all the Paranologies supporters throughout the years and to the Paranormal community and want to thank you for all the support you have given me as it helps me to continue to develop fresh idea's and new designs for the answers at which we all seek.  I would hope that from this blog post you would not support a company that would just take 10 years of someones hard work and try to make it into theirs, even though it is a horrible attempt at such. 

In an effort to remove the Plagiarists off the streets, anyone that sends us either one of the two ripoffs above will receive a free genuine Parascope in trade. 

-Update- Over 25 of these ripoff's have been sent back to us for trade of the original Parascope. Thank you for all the support. 

And please reach out to them as well and let them know this isnt right.

We appreciate your comments below as well.


-Jeromy Jones




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  • That was literally stomach turning to see how many times they blatantly just disregarded you and technically the law. You remained incredibly diligent and those who matter will see them for what they are. You have my support 1,000%!

    Ashley Storm on
  • I glad you’re on top of this situation. In field that should be filled with ethics, so just want to make a product that is clearly a copy of hard work done by others. Sorry it happen.

    Michael Bill on
  • Thanks guys I appreciate the support. Justin when the Parascope was invented I didn’t have the money to apply for a Patent, it took about 10k to do so. Thanks

    Jeromy Jones on
  • It’s odd you guys didn’t applu for a patent when you first invented the parascope. Good luck in your lawsuit.

    Justin Brown on
  • I will keep buying gear from you and I am very sad you are going through this .keep.up the great work

    Eric Perry on

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