Evan Jensen (The Paranormal Clown) known pedophile and criminal writes blogs about Paranologies


Founder of the sham website Beyond the Edge of Reality and wannabe writer of Paranormal Harold World News, Evan Jensen (also known as “The Paranormal Clown”) tries to make Paranologies look bad with a sham interview done through the Paranologies FB business page. On (6-10-19) we received a FB message on our business page from an unknown person named Evan Jensen. It turned into an interrogation about a customer of ours. I asked him if he was affiliated with her somehow and he would not answer any questions about it. Later he said he was interviewing us for a blog he was writing, which was fine by us because we had all our facts for the case and he was a nobody. If you would like to read the comments from the fb message you can do so here - https://paranologies.blog/

Here are some other websites you can see this nutcases info as well..





After the fake interview for his sham blog, we decided to do some digging on this criminal and it was crazy the amount of wrongdoings this person does. Here is just a few of those. You can google him and see the laundry list of crimes and fake blogs he writes as well. 

 Evan was put in prison for 10 years where he did 3 of them for a kidnapping attempt. He was released in 2000 and placed on parole for the remainder till 2007. It was 2012 when he has slithered his way into the paranormal field after a woman that was into the paranormal caught his eye. He began to stalk her online to the point of sending her child porn. Once she contacted the police and the word got out the paranormal field turned on Evan. He retaliated and started sending other peoples children porn as well. As soon as people started calling him out, he made a blog site by the name of the paranormal Herald and beyond the edge of reality to make up lies and slander any one that would bring his past to light.There are many other blogs up about Evan lee Jensen and most of the documents can be found online as well about this criminal that snaked his way into the Paranormal field. He has attacked almost everyone in the spotlight of the Paranormal world and people just laugh at him because he is such a bad person. 

Here is how this all started with Paranologies. A customer of Paranologies, named Debra Fawcett, that purchase some equipment from us 5 years ago had an issue with the equipment but failed to reach out to us so we could honor the lifetime warranty. While we were in the middle of some other nonsense Paradrama, she decided to chime in and attack us. Not only call us names but called the equipment “such shit”. She chose to do all this in a blocked post, but my followers of coarse were sending me screen shots. I had no idea she had an issue so this really blew me away. Instead of messaging or calling me, which she could have easily done, she chose to send the information to Evan because she knew he would write a sham blog about Paranologies on his website and blog in hopes it would scare us into her getting her equipment fixed. Again, she never reached out to us as you can also see by her comments in our messaging system as well in the link above. 

That is why the sham Evan decided to write up fake blog posts about Paranologies without getting any facts straight. We didnt even know who this criminal was until he wrote a fake blog about us. Even then we had to do some digging and found out quickly he was a nobody and everyone has had a run in with the idiot. Even though everyone knew he was a sham that still doesn't make it right to allow the bad behavior which is why we are writing this blog post about him. 

The whole point of this post is to just let everyone know to just laugh at this man, he is a complete nobody and thrives on people talking about him. If he writes a blog post about you just ignore it and move on, no one reads them. If you engage with him that is what he wants, to be famous, even if its in a negative light. If anything, he needs to be in prison for a lot of questionable actions that you can easily look up on your own. He will, no doubt, get his karma one day. Until that day comes though he is just a very sick Pedophile that tries to fit into the Paranormal world that cant. He has written several other blog posts about us after we stopped engaging with him and no one has even said one word to us, and I bet he can't stand the lack of attention he is getting. If Evan has done you wrong, we would like to hear about it, please leave it in the comments below. If we all build a case against this criminal he can go down even sooner than later. 





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  • I hope this guy goes to Jail! I cannot believe the stuff on him all around the internet and people continue to listen to him. We always support Paranologies and will spread the word about Evan!
    Thank you for letting everyone know.

    • Larry Odom