Hypersonic Temp Pod could be a reality soon..

Paranologies is working on several projects out in the field to bring you more information during an investigation. The Hypersonic Temperature Pod is next on the list to be released this year. I (Jeromy Jones-owner) wanted to show a way on camera to detect fast acting temperature changes to be viewed at a command center. The digital thermometers usually show temperature where the laser is pointing and can show false readings of something paranormal actually happening. The meter's with the ambient probes are great because they can detect a change in temperature right in front of you, but they are slow at doing so. The Hypersonic Temp Pod will have 3 colors. Once you turn the pod on it will take a quick ambient reading and illuminate green. If it then detects a 5-10 degree drop in temperature it will immediately turn blue. It will turn red for a change in the same way for heat as well. Here is a video of this pod, In the video you do not see what is actually driving this unit. There is a PC located out of frame that is doing all the measuring. I am still in the process of doing coding for the chip form so I can put this in a small pod. 

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