Poltercom Spirit Box: Making waves in ITC research.

The new Poltercom Spirit box was designed to do more than just an electronic circuit making a sweep at various speeds. We wanted to produce an instrument that could manually sweep with various settings and some features unseen by anything in the field thus far. 

It is The first Sensor based radio sweep for the ITC Field.
- Tune knob is motorized so it can be triggered to spin (Tune) by Emf, Triboelectricity, Temp, Randomness or whatever the customer would want. It can also be manually tuned by hand as there are a lot of investigators that prefer that method as well. We will also put a mute function that can destinguish your voice by way of a comparator circuit so when you ask a question it will be clearer. 

We will be releasing a couple versions of the box as we do understand some will not be able to afford the boutique style boxes with all the features. We will randomly release Boutique Boxes custom built for the customer and they will be numbered, stamped and dated. These will be the more expensive line boxes as the first one we built (pictured above) has over 30 hours of build time just on design alone. 

The first released boxes will have the same look as the Polterbox 1, but will not be casted in real bronze or have the sensors attached. It will have different motorized manual sweeps and settings. It will also have the option to add the effects processor for those that like reverb/echo/etc.

The next release will be a handheld Poltercom with the same features as above.

Keep on the lookout and get on our email list for updates on the Poltercom. And as always with our products we appreciate all the feedback from our customers. We too are out there investigating just like you to bring new ideas for you to get your own answers.

-Jeromy Jones

President Paranologies


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  • Please keep me informed on the new product… Interested in the product

    • ron. w
  • I want the one Steve Huff has. Take my money!

    • JAckie
  • Please send me more infor.

    Thank you

    • Neil Trumbore
  • I just ordered mine last night,caunt wait to try this box ☺

    • Karl Browb
  • Hello
    I, too, am interested in learning more about this product. Please send me info. Thanks and happy researching.

    • Josh