Rush Shipping Charge

Rush Shipping Charge

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We understand you want your stuff fast or for an upcoming investigation so we have created the RUSH shipping option just for this reason. If you purchase this item then we will ship your item within 1-2 days of your purchase(Excluding Poltercom, Progeny, Tri-Cam, and Dvr Units) Most of our orders require a 5-7 business day shipping time from the date of purchase due to all of our items being hand tailored for Paranormal Investigating. Our products are completely created from scratch from the ground up. They each start with a design in the computer then 3d printed to our specifics based off of results from actual Paranormal Investigaitons.  All electronics are designed and soldered within the Paranologies lab in the US and then placed in our molds that we create in house. We take pride in being able to produce a product completely in the US without the help of any outside sources. Before each piece is introduced, there is at least a year of field testing involved with the design.

Note: Please add an additional 1-2 days to above times if using credit card due to credit card processing times.  

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