The Poltercom Application

The Poltercom Application

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When two of the world renowned entities in the paranormal field come together and create the official POLTERCOM In App form you get one great device for communication.

Designed from the ground up from an Actual Poltercom Device. Everything from the Images designed to the sound it creates is painstakingly matched.

You can now Own the same experience of the Poltercom in App form, using and extensive online hosted bank system with actual Poltercom recordings, 10 Individual sweeping channels combine 10 audio channels into a rapid sweeping ghost box.

Also features a world first feature for apps, dual sweeping mode on the fly, which seamlessly combines auto sweep and manual tune sweep as seeen on the original Poltercom device.

Every detail and feature has been accounted for, right down to how the original device feels in your hand. We incorporated "Poltercom mechanical emulation" which reproduces the mechanical vibration of the dweep motors on the original Poltercom. The App uses the devices internal rumble motor, if detected on your phone, to emulate the mechanical feel of the actual Poltercom. This gives the app the machine like experience one would have on the physical device.

Other features include, reverse / forward audio mode, echo, pitch control of echo, 5band Real EQ. master volume mix control, sweep control from 100ms to 500ms. Manual sweep override by pressing on the dial and using side to side gestures allowing you to manual sweep the 10 channels.

All designed by the leading ITC Innovators of today for the ITC community.

Please follow this link to download the App.