Focus Groups

Here are the Groups that are Powered by Paranologies. These group's have used and tested our equipment with great results and have proven to us that they can perform the testing needed to keep our equipment on track with the Scientific Method needed to further Paranormal Research across the world. If you are Interested in being part of this list, please contact us for more information. 


United States


P.C.I. - Paranormal Cross roads Investigations - Krissie Richardson

PCI is a group of professional & reputable paranormal investigators helping people find the answers while searching for the scientific truth along the way. They are Powered by Paranologies to help gather the answers they seek. 

Panhandle Paranormal Investigations- James "Skip" Skipper
Founded in 2008. Even though their investigations are science based with the intention of finding a natural cause to supernatural activity, they also believe there are things beyond our current level of understanding and sight. When things go bump in the night, it is their job to find the reason behind it. Panhandle Paranormal Investigations  is made up of serious-minded paranormal investigators who live in and around Panama City, Florida. They provide a scientific and common sense approach to our investigations. They use hi-tech and not so hi-tech equipment.  Their most important piece of equipment is their common sense. They do not automatically assume everything is paranormal. They are always searching for the truth. They use Paranologies' products and they work as they are advertised.  They have gotten great responses and evidence using them.


Paranormal Dolls
Paranormal Dolls was founded in 2011, established in Alaska and is now in New Orleans, the founder with two decades of research focuses on primarily malevolent cases. Our teams goal is to also focus on education, pushing boundries in the feild, and finding a healthy balance with science and metaphysics. Giving back to the community and bridging the social gap between community and the Paranormal world is also a very important goal and tool in the paranormal. The founder of Paranormal Dolls has been seen on travel channel, is an author, and speaker.


Kentucky -

Phantasmic Ghost Hunters-
Gavin Kelly & Paula Purcell
Phantasmic Ghost Hunters is an American Paranormal Television series that premiered on October 13th 2013 in the United States on an Independent network (GTN) The Series features two investigators which are out to get documented proof there is life after death. What really happens when we die, where do we go, and how can we even begin to communicate with the dead. They Document all evidence captured whether it be in videos, photo's, or EVP's. The Show airs Saturday nights at 9/8c. The series follows the Paranormal team known as the Phantasmic Ghost Hunters as they seek out and try to make the connection with the otherside at numerous haunted locations in the United States. They use the Paranologies Parascope and 360 Parascope.  

Maryland -

 Manchester Paranormal Society - David Caltrider 
Manchester Paranormal Society makes the promise that we will always respect your beliefs in the paranormal. Whether you're a believer or a skeptic, each member of M.P.S. will do all that we can to help you in a professional manner at all times, no exceptions. Manchester Paranormal Society is Powered by Paranologies in trying to get answers for their clients. 
Spectral Analysis Paranormal InvestigationsJoAnn Genera
Spectral Analysis Paranormal Investigations, Inc., is a non-profit organization in the field of paranormal research. Founded in 2011, Spectral Analysis Paranormal Investigations uses the Paranologies Spectral Observatory and the Electrascope. 

Massachusetts -

 N.E.P.R. - New England Paranormal Research - John Brightman

N.E.P.R. is a team of science-based professional Paranormal Investigators dedicated to the research, exploration, analysis and documentation of suspected paranormally-active locations. They use Paranologies equipment in their investigations and events. 

Missouri -

Earthbound Voices Paranormal:  E.V.P. -Jim and Tami Beth
We are a local paranormal group in the Kansas City area.  We have worked with several groups in the past and decided it was time to go out on our own.  We have the equipment to do small to large locations.  We offer free services to anyone that has paranormal activity.  With our training we know not every noise you hear is paranormal.  We look for sensible and scientific explanations.  We use common sense when going in to places to investigate and have an open mind to all possibilities.  We have paranormal unity with other groups in our state and other states and getting to know more every day.  We have been using Paranologies equipment to further our experiences as they are true to their word on how their equipment works.   We have had great success with the parascope, 360 and Temp pod

New Jersey -

South Jersey Ghost Research (SJGR) - Dave Juliano

Conducts discreet investigations free of charge.  They use the latest equipment and tools with the help of Paranologies as well as psychic investigators on their investigations. SJGR routinely investigates documented hauntings and conducts field research to gain more knowledge of the phenomenon. Their primary purpose is to assist those in need of help. Dave is also the owner of The Ghost Hunter Store, in Mt. Holly N.J. and we are proud to have him as one of our few vendor's. 
New Jersey Ghost Investigations (NJGI) - Ron Ledig
NJGI was founded  in April of  2006.
We are a group of paranormal investigators covering the  states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania , and  New York.
Primarily interested in  helping others with the clearing of  haunted locations.
We determine what the issues are, and then make every effort to resolve them.  We share our findings with our client, come to a conclusion, and then put together a plan to resolve those issues.

New York -

The Shadow Chasers Paranormal Investigations & Research - Phillip Creighton

The Shadow Chasers Paranormal Investigations & Research Organization were founded at the University of Potsdam in 2002 as a study in anthropological field research. As a result, the team are CITI certified social sciences researchers following the professional protocols of in-field psychology and anthropology researchers.

The Shadow Chasers primary objective in investigating the paranormal is to document regional folklore, including reports of haunted sites and mysterious creatures, with the aim of identifying the origins of paranormal claims. As university trained professionals utilizing environmental survey technologies and methods the team is on the forefront of ghost hunting technology. This group uses the Paranologies Full Spectrum Orbular Illuminators.


 South Carolina -

Horry County Paranormal Investigations-

-Horry County Paranormal is a non-Profit Group and they never charge to help clients with hauntings. Gary Conlogue has been doing Paranormal Investigations for over 20 Yrs. He started Horry County Paranormal Investigations about two years ago. They have a great bunch of investigators who are always willing to help others. They use the Original and the 360 Parascope with great results.

Pennsylvania -

Mo-Valley Paranormal 

Dedicated to taking the fear away from the unknown."  That's our mission statement, here at Mo-Valley Paranormal.  Whenever we investigate, we endeavor to rule out all man-made and naturally-occurring possibilities before coming to the decision that activity may be paranormal.  We believe it is important to help people understand what may be going on in their home, or place of business and empower them w/ knowledge, replacing the fear previously felt.  We also thoroughly research each case prior to the investigation, so we are properly equipped to ask questions and investigate the claims of our client(s).  There is NEVER a charge for our services, and we're especially passionate about cases where children are being affected directly by the activity. We believe NO child should be afraid in their own home.

Dover Paranormal Research Team (DPRT) - Tom Miles

They do not seek fortune or fame, their only reward they get is the chance to prove the existence of paranormal history and to share it with those who allow them to do so. They achieve this goal by using an Army of Paranologies Equipment and share the experiences and data they get with it. They are far from the typical ghost hunters that you may have seen on television. They do not go into a site looking for ghosts, they go into a site to find and prove the existence of paranormal activity using Scientific Equipment.


Texas -

T.P.I. - Texas Paranormal Investigations - Jeromy Jones

Texas Paranormal Investigations (TPI) is a Free Paranormal Investigation Group for the entire State of Texas, Dedicated to Finding Answers for their Clients. They are here to ease the Curiosity or Fear one has with the Paranormal. 
TPI can help answer questions by showing what their equipment has captured; not by scaring a client into thinking they have a Ghost for a Profit. They never charge for an Investigation as it helps their group with the Documentation of all things Paranormal. They do this with Custom Built Equipment that cannot be store bought, specifically tailored for a Paranormal Investigation. Founded in 1998, TPI can give you their opinion’s based off of their experience and Evidence in the field. TPI's Director Jeromy Jones is also the Owner of Paranologies.

Central Texas Legend Trippers-Rev. William W. Joslin, DD

They are a small team of paranormal investigators based in central Texas.  They investigate all areas of paranormal activity and Travel to locations that have legends and claims of paranormal activity attached to them. They utilize many instruments from paranologies with great success.  While much of the supernatural realm remains a mystery, it is their sincerest hope that investigations and research will help them move closer to understanding different aspects of the paranormal.

Everyday Paranormal - Brad and Bary Klinge

The Klinge Brothers and Everyday Paranormal as seen on the series "Ghost Lab" on the Discovery Channel and Netflix have used and tested our equipment and have performed background research as well as analyzed the data from our equipment. They use our equipment in their Personal and Public Investigation Events. We also build custom pieces just for their Tailoring as needed. Visit them at

Fear Paranormal Society - Selena Roane

F.E.A.R. (For Everything a Reason) Paranormal Society seeks answers by combining intuitive abilities with the most current communication technologies using Paranologies Equipment.

D.A.P.S - Dallas Area Paranormal Society

DAPS is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the scientific study and data collection of the paranormal. They strive to further the field of paranormal research by validating phenomenon through the use of data collection by use of photography, audio, video, as well as other acceptable methods in the field, and are Proudly Powered by Paranologies.


D&S Paranormal Crew - Sheri Villareal Collins

D&S Paranormal Crew prides themselves on being creatively unique, paranormally adventurous and curious researchers looking to prove the existence of another world beyond ours.  Their mission is to prove that as researchers they can develop new and unique ways to capture evidence using fewer investigators, various forms of experimentation, and a variety of high-tech equipment while trying to develop a theory or hypothesis of a location to be proven or disproven upon investigating it.  The Crew is powered by Paranologies using their Tri Cam, Paramid, Parascope, and custom made Butterfly Parascope.
Woodlands Paranormal - Cathy Nance
Their investigations are approached objectively while they employ a variety of methodologies to gather data. They do not charge for services. Their client information is kept confidential, while they do share evidence collected from their investigations on their website. They use the Paranologies Tricam, Geopod and 4 Parascopes.


A Haunting We Will Go Paranormal Investigations
They are a team of experienced investigators helping anyone that has or thinks they are having paranormal happenings. They do not charge for investigations. They are a team of Paranormal Investigators looking to prove or disprove any paranormal experiences. Their base is located out of Forney, Tx just 10 miles east of Dallas, Tx. We have been investigating since 2007. They use the Panoptic PDA, Parascope, Parascope Plasma, Electrascope, and Temperscope.
McLennan County Paranormal Investigations- Mike Jacobus

We are a small dedicated and serious group of investigators each with their own individual skills that complement every investigation. We approach the investigation to try to offer normal explanations, if possible, to the claims of activity present.We do this by employing the latest technology offered in the paranormal field, ruling out any man-made anomalies present and educating our clients to all possibilities.

Virginia -

757 Paranormal - Waverly Phelps

757 Paranormal is a group of friends, with varying degrees of experience and skills, brought together by a common interest in the paranormal. We use a healthy dose of reality and a wide variety of equipment to gather and analyze anything we encounter during our investigations.


Washington -

R.I.P. - Josh and Aimee Taylor

R.I.P. is a collection of like-minded individuals that studies and documents paranormal phenomenon throughout the Northwest Region of the United States of America. The series of processes and procedures developed over many years of combined experiences by other experts in the field such as Ed and Lorraine Warren, John Zaffis, TAPS, and Ryan Buell, among many others has created a methodology designed to create a single mind in the field of anomalous research and investigation. 


Strange Destinations - James Hicks

James Hicks. Ghost hunter. Adventurer. Writer with his fiancé Diane, travel throughout the US seeking out the strangest places in America—They look for places that are haunted, legendary, or unusual. Places with dark histories, seedy reputations, or are just plain weird. They use the Paranologies Spectral Observatory Kit to capture their unusual travels.



Ottawa -

Bytown Paranormal - John B.

They are a non-profit organization. They believe in the use of scientific methods, systematic processes, skepticism and logical thinking for data collection and analysis, and use the Paranologies Geopod on every case in order to collect Data and send us the results to further improve the product. 




England -

S.E.P.T - South East Paranormal Team- 

Jacquie Gilmartin , Tony Fisher and Richard Dobson

S.E.P.T - A group of friends with the same passion, The Paranormal. Located in London England, the South east paranormal Team is a group of like minded people whose interest in paranormal and investigating spans over 43 years. Over time they have used all available technology to enhance their experience whilst on investigations last year they discovered paranologies and incorporated several tools they have bought from paranologies into their equipment with amazing accurate results. The equipment they currently use is the 360 parascope , parascope original , panoptic pda and recently just purchased  poltercom progeny and re-vp. 

Poland -

Polish Professional Team of Ghost Hunters P.T.G.H.
Piter Shalkevitz & Piotr Sobczyk

PTGH - the first and only professional team in Poland, conducting paranormal investigations! They do everything in accordance with international procedures and standards Ghost Hunters
as well as act in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Poland. They use the Paranologies 360 and Paranologies Binoptic Camera.