GYRASCOPE (Digital talking board)

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  •  A Paranologies original sensor, this is the Custom Paranologies Gyrascope. Copyright © 2019 Paranologies.  The Gyrascope is a Paranologies custom built item.  
  • The Gyrascope uses two static sensors  (Parascopes)  to control a spinning glow in the dark dial so you ask questions and get responses with either the alphabet or yes/no/maybe. 
  • Static fields are natural dc electric fields that can be present on an object or a human. They can exist in the air especially during a thunderstorm. Static fields are different from magnetic fields which most meters in the Paranormal field pick up.  Magnetic fields are used widely throughout today's technology and therefore can create false positives in Emf meters. Since the Gyrascope detects static fields, it is less likely to create a false positive.
  • One internal Parascope static sensor controls the Yes/No/Maybe portion of the dial, and the other internal Parascope static sensor controls the alphabet portion. The static sensors are connected to the light bulbs and uses the tungsten inside as an antenna. Bulb size and shape will vary depending on availability. The light bulbs are removable to reduce the sensitivity if needed.  
  • When one of the antennas on the Gyrascope detects a static field it will stop the dial and light up either a letter or yes/no with a UV light. The UV light will energize the glow in the dark dial and will show the responses for a couple seconds so you can see your responses in complete darkness. 
  • Ambient blue light to detect the unit in the dark.
  • Uses 8 AA batteries.(not included)
  • Ships with the Gyrascope all built to completion with two round light bulbs. 

 Watch the video below for more info.

Further information-

  • While Paranologies Test's all its equipment with actual Paranormal Team's with good results, this is in no way proof of detecting anything Paranormal. Any sensor used for a Paranormal Investigation can and will false. It is up to the User of the sensor to use control testing while looking for intelligent patterns before it may be deemed Paranormal.
  • All of our items are custom items that are hand built when ordered unless you order Rush shipping. Rush shipping items are pre-built and ready to ship. Rush shipping items are not guaranteed for International orders. 
  • We do NOT offer refunds for any reason. We have a lifetime warranty on parts and labor with the exception of cracked LCD screens. 
  • All images/video's of our design's are subject to change without notice. Features and specifications of the products may differ slightly from those shown and listed on this site. If you receive an Item that differs from our site, it is an improvement to the product and the newest version available. We are constantly striving to improve our products by gathering data from our Focus groups and our independent Investigations.  All of our images/videos are subject to copyright and cannot be used without our written permission. 

    A note from the Creator Jeromy Jones-

    "The Parascope is a Triboelectricity meter meaning it detects different votages of static electricity. We all have static electricity on us, so the reason why I designed this meter is in hopes that we when we pass we can use the static electricity we used to carry with us and it can be picked up by such meters. Just like all of my meters, they do not false like the ones you are probably used to seeing on tv that pick up current electricity or EMF meters as they are called. All EMF meters pick up man made electricity called Current electricity that create an Electro magnetic field. In order for current electricity to work, it has to have wiring for the current to flow. So if the EMF meter goes off, its a high probability that its detecting nothing more than Current electricity flowing somewhere between 1 ft away and 1 mile away. I wanted to build something that doesn't give you these false hopes. The Parascope line detects free floating static electricity and displays its path of travel on the tubes on top. If you were to try to set it off yourself you would first have to be charged up somehow. Walking on carpet rapidly or brushing your hair with your hands can sometimes do it. You can also rub the tubes back and forth rapidly on your arm. If it is very humid outside, static electricity diminishes as the water molecules attach to the static and discharge it so it may not work if you try to set it off yourself and its humid outside. The neat thing about the Parascope is that even under humid conditions I have had it go off when trying to communicate. So as it seems you may not be able to get it to go off by yourself or maybe it goes off with someone else, this does not mean its not working. Take it to an investigation, set it on the floor at least 3-5 feet away, and ask questions. You will be amazed on the responses you get if its indeed a haunted location. This is the first meter introduced into the field for this purpose over 10 years ago. There have been many copy cats along the way, but the Parascope is the original so I appreciate the support."

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