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Hello everyone, I am please to announce that I am over my virus and am back to building. Please note I have not been responding to emails but will soon, as there's not much to update. I am putting all emails that have to do with past orders or discount codes in a folder to be answered in the order they came on. I am still working on past orders and will open up to the public again as soon as the past orders are caught up. If you have placed an order prior to August there are instructions on how to receive your discount code a few blogs before this to get your previous order information updated. When everything shut down a year or so ago we lost most of our order information and will need you to reorder using the discount code we will provide to you via email. If you haven't received a discount code but have emailed and requested it, we have received it and will send the code out as soon as we can. Please note, if there are any threatening emails or negativity I will not be responding. I understand the frustration with some of the past orders and am doing the best I can with the information I have to get those taken care of and caught up. Again, if you have a past order, please email us using the subject line discount code so I can review the information and send out a discount code for you to reorder, for free without entering any cc information, and choose one of the 6 items we have available. 

Thank you 


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