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We have moved to a larger location and will be adding more employees soon to keep up with the unexpected success of Paranologies. I (Jeromy Jones) started Paranologies as a hobby while I was entering my college years to become an engineer. I've always been interested in things I can't explain and the Paranormal was certainly in that category. After I graduated from college with a Bachelor's in Science in Electrical Engineering, I decided to put my engineering skills to work and blend my passion with my skills. I started off building one of a kind equipment and putting it out there to others at conventions and the little online community back then. Soon it was clear that people liked my inventions I was coming up with so I started an eBay store back in 2005 selling my Parascope, illuminators and the geopod. I would also go to conventions and show off my one of a kind cameras such as the Tricam. I actually built my equipment with the mindset of debunking the Paranormal by keeping false positives to a minimum. I soon realized that I was able to communicate with the tools I've invented and so did others around the world. This is where everything changed!

It came to a point where I was not putting in all my effort as an engineer in my full time job due to staying up late making ghost hunting equipment. I was making good money as an engineer but it just wasn't my passion. I then decided to take that leap and make Paranologies my full time job. This was very scary as I just had my second child during the time and money wasn't going to be as good as it was with my engineering job. Soon though I realized that I had the potential to be very successful working for myself as people really were loving my new designs. I was able to put a lot more time into designing since it was now my full time job doing so. I had a very unique way of coming up with my designs by merging Victorian and gothic designs with a steampunk feel. I had always enjoyed antiques and was around them all my life. Antique designs really inspired me to come up with what Paranologies is today. Here it is 15 years later and I have 40 products out and can barely keep up as all my designs are hand built when ordered. I am proud to be able to say I haven't had to outsource my creations as that would lose the genuine feel of my creations actually being hand built. Throughout the years I struggled with a few copy cats here and there, but ultimately it proved that people wanted the original products. 

Now Paranologies is moving into a larger location and adding employees to help with the demand of our equipment. Paranologies has been on almost every Paranormal Tv show you can imagine and several feature films. It is exciting to see where the future stands as this is only the beginning. I have several new inventions to bring to everyone but first I must get caught up with everyone's orders. I appreciate the support throughout the 15 years and I always appreciate you using the originator of all the equipment you see on our site.

-Jeromy Jones

Paranologies President

Mechatronics Engineer

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