Hobby come true

My journey started well over 10 years ago building paranormal equipment for my team I founded, Texas Paranormal Investigations TPI.

I studied to be an electrical engineer right out of high school and merged my passion for understanding life after death and electronics. After getting my engineering degree I immediately got a job as an engineer. I worked as an engineer for over 10 years while also doing paranormal investigations. During my years of being a paranormal investigator, I was able to build one of a kind equipment based off problems I was experiencing during an investigation. For example, the IR cameras were horrible in the early 2000's. My first piece of equipment to develop was the Afterlite illuminator. This IR illuminator was the very first illuminator designed on a spherical pattern to dispurse the IR light evenly before we had IR flood LEDs. Shortly after that I developed the use of a geophone for detecting footsteps etc. Yep I was the first one to use that sensor for Paranormal investigations. These were first used on the hit show Ghost hunters in the early 2000's. After that came the Parascope, the very first static electricity detection meter for detecting the direction of a static field, also called a Triboelectric field meter, a term at which I coined. 

Once I got the above equipment built I would take them to conventions and show other teams not intending to sell it. To my surprise everyone kept asking me to purchase my custom equipment. I didn't have time to do so as I was working as an engineer but I started the hobby anyways. After about a year I could not believe how good my sales were doing on a simple ebay store. So good in fact that I had to decide which job to do as the custom ghost hunting equipment was staring to interfere with my engineering job. I had to decide between the two. I ultimately decided to take on my passion building ghost hunting equipment. My hobby all of sudden turned into a full time job. Tv shows started reaching out to me and my equipment was on almost every Paranormal show there was. My equipment has also been featured on motion pictures such as the Poltergeist remake and hit tv series such as Stranger Things. 

Paranologies has definitely been a success and I appreciate everyone that has purchased my designs throughout the years. I have moved on to other ventures now, still related to the Paranormal, and Paranologies has once again become a hobby. I have grown tired of others copying and profiting off of my designs and the online bashing behind those people. It's unfortunate but I won't let them bring me down. I will still be selling some of my products but at a much smaller scale. I have about 250 orders to get caught up on before I bring some of my other items back online. If you are one of those 250 people I appreciate your business and rest assured you will get your item. In Dec 2019 one of my products when viral before I had a chance to remove it. In three hours I sold 500 of the Poltercom Pico which is about as many orders as I can handle in a year's time. The customers that ordered these had no idea I was a one man show and expected their item very fast, even though I had all the terms listed on the site. Terms such as the build time and no refund policy because of the custom nature of my hobby. Granted, the build time listed was 2-3 months but that was for about 15-20 items a month not 500. I quickly changed the build time but it was too late. I took all the money I was receiving to purchase all the parts for the poltercom Pico's and was left with very little profit. The Pico takes about 3 hours to assemble and about $75 in parts. By the time I paid the electricity it takes to 3d print the units and the material for the printers I was left with very little. 

While I am still building in my spare time I will be caught up one day to bring you more original designs. I have said it over and over, I appreciate everyone that has supported me throughout the years of my Hobby, Business, and now Hobby again. If you are still waiting on equipment I am still working on it and it will ship to you. I wish I could refund all of the orders but like I described above the parts have all been ordered and and there's very little left. This is again why I have always stated I have a no refunds, for any reason policy. Paranologies will remain in business, just at a smaller scale using only one distributor. I will keep everyone informed as to when I get caught up. 

Thanks for all the support

-Jeromy Jones

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