Paranologies Game Plan

Paranologies Game Plan

Currently our 50 custom items are not for sale until we get caught up with backorders. Please read this article for updates on our company. Thank you

Updated June 9th, 2021 please see the bottom of this article.

Paranologies was started by me (Jeromy Jones) over 16 years ago to bring my passion of creating functioning electronic art pieces to the Public.

If my story bores you and you are interested in just getting an order update then please... by all means, scroll to the bottom.

For those of you that are interested and have supported me over the years I am truly grateful to you. You allowed me to design and build my passion for a long time running, and you made it possible for me to enjoy my career of being an Engineer without the boring aspects of Engineering. It has come to a point now though where I cannot keep up with the demand of my Products. I have always stood by not having my products manufactured in China or by anyone else for that matter. I enjoy knowing that every single item that leaves our company has been completed, by hand, by me. This really means something to me knowing that I may create something that will leave a mark throughout history. I always strive to bring an original idea to the Paranormal community. I can say with confidence that every single product I have manufactured is an original product from me that was never copied from another hard working individual. If you see an item that performs or looks like a Paranologies product then you know they are taking the years of hard work from what I did and making an inferior product that Ive already created. On top of that making money off of it.

I see a whole lot of copying going on in this field and while I want to comment on every post I see, I try to stay out of the drama that some people love so much. So many of you have copied my products and I have not forgotten that, It will come back to you. So many of you have copied others products to make money off the original creator and you should be ashamed of that. That person put in the time, money and effort it takes to create an original product, NOT you. Come up with something else so we can all move forward to the truth that we seek. I see the Rempod being ripped off so many ways its not even funny. The SLS Cam, same thing. Those things have already been made by someone that put forth the effort in them, stop ripping them off. My own designs are the same way, except that when I see them bring ripped off I put a stop to it pretty quickly. This is mainly because my followers tell me pretty quickly or they show their loyalty to me by commenting when they dont have to, but just know I appreciate you. People know a Paranologies Product and thats what they want. Same with the others mentioned above. Sure some will buy the cheap ripoff's but the majority I hope understand that by purchasing a rippoff product you are not respecting the Blood, Sweat... you get the idea, that the original creator and artist has done for you. Please only buy from creators and designers that have originated something or has permission to reproduce an item. You don't understand the time it takes away from one's family trying to battle those thief's that simply reverse engineer someone elses product and pretends like its theirs.

Now with all that being said, what lies ahead for me, for Paranologies. I know a LOT of you have put your money into my products and have not received them yet. I am NOT stealing from you, I am NOT stealing from you. I have to say it twice because thats the main comment I hear via email or online almost every day now. I have every intention to get the product to you. If you have read my past Blog posts you see what has put me here in the first place, which is simply I can't keep up with the orders coming in. I hear a lot of your emails and posts, even as negative as some of you are. And I understand why you come so negative at me, to get my attention because I dont get to your emails as fast as I would like to. A lot of you think I can just teach someone to do what I do. Its not that simple, without going into detail, my products are NOT easy to put together or produce. I have done the best I can to be transparent with what is going on with orders and where I am at with them. I have even put popups on the website before you can order a product that states what my company is all about.. custom hand built items and why they take so long. The site never promises anyone a shipping time, its all been estimates because of the fact I have so many products and the time it takes to assemble them. Most of the time I dont have exact shipping dates because when you order an item, I then turn around and order parts so I at least have the parts for those, but that doesn't mean I have started to build it. There is usually a long wait for me to build the items because of how many orders I have. I could simply over charge to keep the orders down but I dont feel that is right either. There is little profit in what I do but I enjoy it. And now it is a lot harder to get parts at the price I was getting them at so that is challenging as well. It has now come to a point where there are just too many orders for me to continue to sell online. Therefore I am pulling online sales until I get caught up. I am NOT shutting down the company and plan to keep producing products in the future, However the future products will be manufactured first before I list them for sale. I recognize that mistake now and I apologize for it.

Everything was going fine for years until I put out the Poltercom Pico and it went viral. I could not shut down sales fast enough for it to make a difference. This is the major reason why im in the position im in. I wish I could just push a button and refund you all but unfortunately as I stated by the time I purchase the parts there is very little money left over. With that being said If you do not want to wait for your item anymore, as I know some have waited over a year, I will start refunding you as I can. If you do want to continue to wait, I appreciate that and please know that you will get your item but I do not have an exact date. I will be starting the refunding process soon with the oldest orders but you can request a refund at anytime. You can also open up chargebacks with your credit card company or Paypal if you don't want to wait. Here are some options for those that have already purchased. Please do not use this email for order updates as we will not respond. This email is just to let us know where we stand with the orders so we can evaluate a game plan to get caught up.

We appreciate any help you can offer. Please email us at Please copy and paste ONLY the following information below and email it to us using the email address above. (Anything other than this information will not be looked at)


Order number-

Email address-

I want to request a refund- Type YES or NO

I want to wait for my product- Type YES or NO

I want to thank you all for working with me as I move forward. This in not the end for Paranologies, I have many more original products to bring to you in the future. For now we will just stop selling until we get caught up and evaluate a game plan and then we will only sell items that are ready to ship.

Update- We appreciate you sending us emails about the above, we have received them and are either working on your refund or product. We are NOT responding to emails currently. We appreciate you sending the above information for us so we can get refunds or products out in the order of the emails. We apologize for NOT responding but please send the above information as we are receiving them and will contact you as we take action. This includes our FB page as well while we get caught up. Please NOTE- If you have changed your mind about either of the above you can resend us an email and we will update and take action on it as soon as we can. Thanks again to all our loyal customers as we come back better than before.

Thank you,

Jeromy Jones

Paranologies Owner